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Harry's Suggestion List

Fake Harry

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Last Updated Jan 7th 2021

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Quality Of Life

  1. Achievement Store/Slayer Store: Clicking "Value" should give information on what the item does/it's features
  2. Timer under the bonus xp book image to indicate an ESTIMATE of when the bonus xp will end
  3. World Switcher Fixed/Proper functionionality
  4. PvP zone needs to be added where protect item does not work (Risk Fights)
  5. ::staff command should display ALL staff members with (World _) indicator beside staff member's name rather than only displaying the staff members in the current world
  6. Repeat transactions in Trading Post via History
  7. Low benefit money sinks (Well of Goodwill for 5-10% server-wide XP boost)
  8. Server-wide announcement when a player achieves Legendary Donator or Uber Donator rank
  9. Name change vouchers should be added in the Donator Store
  10. Private-message chatbox should not be forced closed by opening a different interface (for example opening bank)
  11. Ability to change home teleport location and/or death location (if not already in game), and/or ability to change "home teleport" button to any teleport you'd like by going into the teleport menu and clicking a button or right clicking the teleport and "Set as home" or something?
  12. Pressing space bar while speaking with an NPC/Chatbox Interface should not choose an option, it should be like OSRS where it only skips dialogue, but doesn't choose any option.
  13. When getting a preset, if you're missing a (4) of a potion, it should try and find the next available dose (3)..(2)..etc. 😄
  14. The announcements for drops should be global for World 1 and World 2, so if someone gets a Twisted Bow drop on World 1, that should be announced for the World 2 players too.



  1. Superior Slayer monsters should spawn more often
  2. Last Man Standing shop needs to be buffed (Mainly the only PKing that happens in the server atm lol.)
  3. AGS and Dharok's accuracy needs to be reworked
  4. Disconnections in Raids should allow the player to login and continue where he left off his raid.
  5. Group Ironman need a functionable system to remove/change/add members
  6. GPU plugin needs to be disabled by default as it's causing some players to DC
  7. The ability to imbue rings should not be limited to the BM store, maybe add it to the LMS store (helps ironmen significantly)
  8. Duel Arena NEEDS a preset "DDS" or "TENT" option to make it easier for stakers
  9. Add Pet Drop rate boost scroll in Slayer Store
  10. Reduce costs of pet insurance/buy backs
  11. Make Edgeville PvP active by increasing it's $/h value: Stattues chance (coins), PvP items chance on kill, Bonus BM chance on kill, (Fergus suggested daily reward for player who has most Edgeville kills)
  12. Increase the chance of receiving Golden Nuggets from MLM
  13. Switch PJ system in the wilderness to OSRS Deadman system where you cannot be PJed if you're attacking a player (HUGE for solo pkers)
  14. Increase the chance for receiving Pyromancer items from Wintertodt
  15. Increase the chance of receiving Brimstone keys
  16. Increase the chance of receiving pearls from Aerial Fishing


Current Complaints

  1. Ironmen issues need to be looked at, specifically GIM team adjustments, items being very hard/impossible for them to obtain (imbuing rings), some items being impossible for them to get that normal players can buy at a shop
  2. Deep wilderness PvP is catered to clans and only clans. Wilderness Boss? In multi. Ancient Casket? You'll get PJed if you attack the person holding the casket by his clan members. Deep wilderness 1v1 Pking? Not happening. You'll get PJed by opponent's clan mates and gang-banged lol. PJ system needs to be improved and changed to the Deadman pj system. This system makes it very difficult for solo pkers to even enjoy/make money PKing deep wilderness.
  3. Legendary/Uber donator benefits not quite matching their $ value
  4. Hiscores still look ugly and could be updated to include PvP stats, LMS stats, Raids stats
  5. I have a lot of "increase the chance of..." suggestions above because in most of those skill related things, you can't even get 1 item of that skilling gear set during 1-99 on average and that is A PROBLEM in my opinion. 


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Love the list, I mean everything is good.

some additions:

Quality Of Life

#4 You could add ::REDSKULL instead of a dedicated area for risk fights.

Also imbueing rings shouldnt be tied to PVP & a minigame. you should be able to buy it from the slayer store that seems very reasonable.


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3 hours ago, H A R R Y said:

Low benefit money sinks (Well of Goodwill for 5-10% server-wide XP boost)


3 hours ago, H A R R Y said:

Reduce costs of pet insurance/buy backs

These are kind of contradictory don't you think? Pets are purely cosmetic and an easy way to remove some gold from the game via insurance and buy backs. It's a low benefit gold sink inherently. 

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6 hours ago, H A R R Y said:

Timer under the bonus xp book image to indicate an ESTIMATE of when the bonus xp will end

This one exsists when you use a book. 

I also feel like superiors don't spawn as much as i'd like them to spawn.  Raids dc should definitely redirect you back into your raiding party. Bm imbuing feels unfair, but at the same time it kind of gives a reason to pk. The prices for pet insurance + redeem feels very out of place, maybe we could have atleast 1 pet insured for free with a way to earn redeem tokens? Gold nuggets are extremely slow to obtain just like the oyster pearls to obtain anglers set. 

Few extra suggestions: 
Hiscores could have boss kc leaderboard aswell.

When hosting a POH your guests should not be kicked out once they already enter and you teleport/exit ( For an example keeping your alt inside your home to keep the instance open while you teleport/exit)

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Well thought out list and there is nothing on that list that we don't need.. all of them are important for the QoL of this server and to keep the players happy as there are some flaws pointed out in this which will fix many issues players have right now..



6pMxCgf.gif Will Always Find me in 'Support' CC 6pMxCgf.gif


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21 hours ago, November said:

Support but it fucking baffles me that even a Moderator has to make a thread for suggestions instead of his "quality" opinion being taken as is personally.

Making suggestions on the forums is better than speaking to the developers directly for these because I need the community's opinion on these changes as well, and that's just as important as my own opinion.

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i agree on pritty much everything.


I would say however, that the deep wildy in my opinion should be a clan oriented area, where mid/low level wildy should be more oriented to solo players. not that a solo player couldn't go to deep wild for juicy pks ofc.


I also think a lot of the reason as to why there's not so much going on in the wild is that there really aren't a lot of incentive for non PVP related players to go out there, my personal viewpoint has always been that the best skilling/pvming should be in the wild as it's dangerous and therefor should have a risk vs reward aspect. at this current moment that's just not the case (as it is on osrs as well), so the pvp issues stated in the OP (outside of the dual arena which I fully support anti scamming rules) might just be that the wild in general aren't worth interacting with outside of clan fights or high risk fights? 

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