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Rework achievement diary/capes


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So currently you need 95% of the achievements completed for the REGULAR achievement cape.


With 239 tasks, you would need approx. 227 tasks to get the regular cape


If you look through the tasks some tasks should really not even be counted towards this achievement, and ill say why

1: They are VERY RNG based meaning you could hypothetically never even reach them

2: They are based on certain activaties that are either very low populated or not every will ever be able to do them because of the way they play the game.

A few examples:








1k items out of the possible 1270 ITEMS ????



And I could keep going for a while, now these are probaly the worst of them all but this is already 13 tasks that you really cant count on being completed.

You might say oh well ToB is easy. oh CoX is piss easy. its different for every player and altough the achievements are cool, I think the achievement cape should still be something that is fairly hard to get but I think this is shooting way over peoples heads.


Something has to be changed about being able to obtain the achievement cape, either make the % lower for the untrimmed cape (maybe change the trimmed to 95%).






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I agree they should be reviewed and consider a change, but I do think they should be pretty difficult still. On other servers the average player could complete everything in the game with a decent amount of skill and time. However obtaining such a prestigious achievement without a massive amount of time and skill required to receive it does not feel right imo.


I think a rework/review of achievements are necessary, however I would still like the task to be pretty difficult but more realistically obtainable.


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