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Max Inferno

S M 1 T E D

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Make max Inferno safeable anywhere in wild, LIKE THE MAX INFERNO HOOD IS.  

Inferno is not safe-able, ok, but what about making Max Inferno safe-able in 20+ wild. Why is it that the max inferno hood safes but not the actual cape? Would be nice to be able to NH deep wild with max inferno without getting 20 lms points and spending 5M each death. 

A max is a decent achievement, allowing players to safe max inferno would be a nice touch and make wild more active. 


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IMO the wilderness is a risk/reward when bringing high tier items into it, I understand wanting to keep it safe as its not cheap and the effort that goes into the reward is decent amount. I think having it safe with no repercussions might be a little overpowered.

Suggestion: Maybe a bit too much work for such a small change, but maybe unlocking a permanent (l) scroll within LMS/vote/achievement store where it would be permanently safe. 


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