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Bounty Hunter Minor Fixes


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Current PJ System: You can PJ another player from an NPC but an NPC attacks you it cancels combat and can no longer PJ that player.

Player with target should always have priority over an NPC.

Blighted teleport sack should work with the teleport to target spell.

The tele to target spell currently doesn't need the scroll to use, nor does it use runes when teleporting.

Target locations are currently off giving random wilderness levels to some certain spots for example saying that mage bank is 65-69 wilderness.


Off topic but relevant:

NPC's agro currently has multiple NPC's falling in on you making it near impossible to get kills in high populated areas such as Ankous/Hobgoblins unless you have a cannon alt, and even then it's very hard, please look into sorting the agro out on wilderness NPCs.


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Before they fix any of these issues I believe a person who receives a target  then dies should no longer be eligible for a new target for bare minimum 5-10 minutes..


or we could just keep it how it is and let Blood money tank to nothing and make wilderness slayer non-existent.

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I don't support. The bounty hunter update is very much broken and in my mind cannot be fixed given the servers construction.

You can barely do anything without someone teleporting directly to you every three minutes. I tried doing wildy slayer on my main account, it's pointless. You spend way more time teleporting away or tanking than doing the activity, It's very unbalanced and will do more to kill wilderness activity as opposed to increasing it. In-fact it already has to an extent. Giving the player priority would only compound this problem.

Consider all this and then imagine being a hardcore of whatever variant. I play on a main normie account and an elite hardcore. I'm a long time pker; not so much these days to be fair, I enjoy going into the wilderness and taking that risk and i've been chanced 5 times already on the elite. Was working towards infinity grind, got ma2 capes, did every wildy step. However, now i wont step into the wildy with my elite above level 30, it's impossible to do anything and simply just isn't worth the risk, because it's almost certain death. Whereas before i would go loads, and take calculated risks. The difference is that on say osrs you have the option to go to another world that isn't bh, here you do not. 

Sorry don't support this suggestion. It will do more to kill the wilderness than encourage it's use. 

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