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Pyromancer's Outfit


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At the moment wintertodt is dead, the only people there are the ones getting 200m firemaking, finishing a round of windertodt will take forever just to get a crate, it is impossible to get the full Pyromancer outfit from supply crates.

I suggest making it just like any other skilling outfit were you could get it from lighting logs (gaining exp). 

I got 99 firemaking on a 8x account and not a single piece.

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I have 80million realism xp at wintertodl, my group has over 180m firemaking xp. I had all of the pyromancer at around 30m xp - but the gloves...


I contacted staff, reported it as a bug every staff member told me it was 'RNG' and to stop complaining, only until yesterday a beta team member saw me complaining and tested it out... ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN FULL PYROMANCER.  


Do they care? not really, it'll be updated when its updated is the kinda of response apart from the fact there's a community of at least 20 of us who have done todl chasing full pyro, it's currently not possible to obtain it, they don't care about the rates as I've raised this issue since the start nearly daily.


Big F because I've basically wasted 2 weeks of my free time proving that an item isn't added, lets hope its added soon - there are still people there daily trying to get this drop, which isn't even on the drop table. 

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