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Information needed about the donator rank.


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This is just a question tho, no harm in asking.

I have a question about my donator rank.
I found out that playing on a realist is way nicer than a normal account.
Now, for the question. I have extreme donator on my normal account, is there any way I could ask for a ranktransfer from my normal to my realist because I play more on my realist.
I find it a bit of waste if I donate 2 times for the same rank. Thats why I ask this, if its possible to remove my extreme on my normal and add it to my realist, then If i donate or buy scrolls towards legendary I don't need to pass extreme for the second time. You got my point?

Anyway, this was just a question.

I sincerely hope for an answer.

Kind regards,


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At this point no. It’s not certain if there will be an ability to do this in the future but for now you could just use your donator account for its benefits to gain materials and what not or make money to supply your realism account to then purchase the donator rank in game from your funds made. That’s an option anyway.


Happy holidays 👍🏻

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