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I thought i would make a list of suggestions that are commonly missed or coded poorly with previous servers i have been on. From the looks of this server we have almost everything we could ask for already but here is the list.


1. Skilling for points in pest control minigame 

adding points for completing skilling action like fletching etc or chopping trees and repairing barriers (even if games are extremely short) could help 10hp accounts and skillers get some use out of the minigname and increase players using pest control. This is in OSRS.

2. Join previous POH option 

below enter house and enter house build mode and enter friends house add an option for rejoining a previous house. very usefull for using home alters for 99 or 200m prayer. This is in OSRS. 

3. Proper Range/Mage defensive and offensive stats in and outside of wild

i find in a lot of servers people are able to catch a freeze in black dhide as well as i am in full ancestral where as osrs there is no comparison. trying to implement that would be a huge incentive to really risk in the wild. 

4.View monster drop table. ADD: Implings, Skilling bosses, Mimic

add options to look up drops and show drops from everything including catching implings and doing skilling bosses such as hespori and wintertodt

5.Drop searcher/ Drop rate on all items

add an option to search the entire monster database for a specific item. add 1/? shown to each item from each monsters to reduce confusion or waste time doing calculations ourselves (yes we lazy motherfuckers) 

6. Spellbook filters

Options to filter out spells from spellbook have only teleports/combat spells/ other spells shown. This is in OSRS.

7. Three different prayer scroll drops from COX

Please add all 3 prayer scroll drops to COX (Torn, Arcane, Dexterous)with thier respective drop rates. not just a single prayer scroll which lets you pick the prayer you want at a higher drop rate. This helps the eco with having Perserve at a 10m price while rigour / augury at a higher 50m price (prices are examples). This is in OSRS.

8. Hespori Deathbox

A suggestion for the UIM's of the server. Hespori deathbox is the only deathbox in OSRS that lets you actually choose what you want to take out and gives a nice interface showing all of your loot inside. This could be balanced by causing the hespori die while you die so you must receive another hespori seed before using this bank again and of course dying anywhere before looting the box entirely will cause you to lose items inside. This is in OSRS.

9. Magic Imbue & Combination runes

Add magic imbue spell for the EHP gamers magic xp, and ability to let us create combination runes without the use of the talisman or binding necklace. This is in OSRS.

10. Ability to trade in extra spirit seeds for Seed boxes in farming guild

Simple. Trade in 1 spirit seed for 1 Seed box in farming guild to contract lady. This is in OSRS.

11. Empty vials to ironman/normal shops & add empty vial option

Adding empty vials to shops so we can make potions that require coconut milk rather then water base. Also add empty vial option for vials we have currently full. Of course this would be in addition to already full vials in shop. 

12. Lovakite bars & Tier soldier in combat ring

Most servers only have 1 or two ways to get Shazien (5) armour and usually through voting and donating. With lovakite bars we can smith our own armour and with combat circle we can fight soldiers of higher tiers to receive our better Shazien armour. This is in OSRS.

13. Zeah in general

Many fun features of Zeah are often missed or un accessible it would be nice to see a server who took the time to add most of zeah if not ALL of it with favour and its unlocks even if favour is acquired at an extremely easy rate.

14. Tithe Farm minigame

Adding Tithe farm mingame for farmers outfit and farm xp without needing to do seeds (A somewhat fun way to grind 99/200m farm without waiting on seed farmers). This is in OSRS.

15. All skilling outfits with their respective bonuses

makes getting 200m's easier and more exciting when you got an outfit on plus bouses are a nice touch to compliment the time it takes to get the outfits as they are not normal the most efficient xp rate. This is in OSRS.

16. Proper point distribution in TOB

Doing more damage should give more points simple as that. Doing a solo raid and getting 8 points at chest rather then 14 is a fucking rip especially during solos and many servers dont have the point system made properly. This is in OSRS.

17. TOB Deaths and their effects

TOB deaths should effect the drop rate of any rares and should remove HCIM status. This is in OSRS.

18. Points carry over from TOB rooms

points earned in the first 2 rooms and not used on first chest carry over to the second chest. This is in OSRS.

19. Crystal Acorn

Can be obtained from trading in crystal armour,tool,weapon seeds. Planting one will yield 16 crystal shards. This helps people who cant do the gauntlet (lol noobs) still get crystal shards for divine potions and singing bowl crafting. This could also be added to zalcano for a huge incentive to do Zalcano with its crystal shard drops and the crystal acorn for even more shards. This is in OSRS. (besides zalcano part)

20. click spec orb to spec (OUTSIDE OF WILDERNESS)

Simple outside of wilderness only, click spec orb near map to spec. This is in OSRS.

21. Gricoller's Can

watering can that hold 1k charges rather than 8. can be obtained from vote or donate or tithe farm. This is in OSRS.

22. Kodai insignia not wand

Kodai insignia as drop from COX not the entire wand making it a little harder to obtain Kodai wand and might give some more wilderness and mage arena activity. This is in OSRS.

23. Mimic Boss

Simple. Add mimic boss pls we want it. This is in OSRS.

24. Proper barrows brothers defence

Giving barrows brothers their proper defence so mage is stronger than melee and mixed combat for ahrims/karils is a perk. This is in OSRS.

25. World Map

Surprisingly not in many servers lmao. This is in OSRS.

26. XP for using teleport spells (if runes are in inventory)

i know a lot of servers use teleports in spellbook as ways to get places faster. If that is the case if the required runes are in inventory it should give xp. if they are not used for teleports and only teleport wizard is used on this server just make them like osrs and give them xp so we can hop around cammy tele for our magic xp gains. This is is OSRS.

27. Ferox Enclave

Ferox enclave available as a home location for the pkr's with white and red portals as well as pruple portal for clan wars, even LMS avilable in the area. Will give a new pk hotspot and more options to enter wilderness. This is in OSRS. 

28. Boss Killcount/Killspeed Highscores

Add a highscore board or tome at home to check who has the highest KC or fastest kill speed of any boss on zaros. Will give some incentive to kill some bosses for highscores or go really hard for that kill time record. Will even get more use out of some niche bosses as it will be easier to get the killcount highscores.

29. COX/TOB Highscores

Fastest raid time (multiple records based on team size (Solo, Duo, 4 Man) for example), Highest points record on COX, TOB most DPS dealt in raid, Fastest TOB raid time (Solo-5 Man) This can be added to the board in suggestion 28.

30. PK scoreboard/Killcount Highscores

Board at home to check highest killing spree and highest kills maybe one for highest amount (GP) pk'd fun things to try and get records on *cough* most HCIM killed *cough*

31. Lowest KC for collection log

addition to the board from 28. Add the lowest KC to complete collection Log on bosses. For example finishing kraken with tent,jar,pet,trident, in 212 KC would show Kraken log Kc; 212. might be a little overkill but people always like going for records and this gives people things to do.

32. Clue scroll highscores

add to 28. most clues of each rank completed. 


So far is have 32 things on this list it is subject to change if more things come across my mind but this is a lot of things i think are commonly missed or could be added. i do have a few more ideas for the skilling/ efficiency aspect fo the game but that would be another post. please leave feedback in comments if you would like to see anything added or changed. 

message me on discord Cultured#4014


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