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Money Making Guide


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As many of you are asking how to make money on Zaros, I thought I’d make a quick guide based on my experiences.

This is not a guide to make billions of gp - if you’re looking for that please go elsewhere.


I also understand that certain techniques in this guide will make less money as more and more people learn about them. But to be honest, making money off of desperate people is wrong - as much as i love capitalism. So enjoy 😃


So to start off with, no matter what game mode your main account is - make a second account. This dramatically increases the amount of money you can make per hour. Per rules, you are allowed to play on up to 3 accounts at a time. So if you wish - I suggest you do so!

With that being said - here are my money making methods:


  1. Selling Quest Items

Here are the most profitable items to sell, however, I have provided the full list below:

  • Orange Dye
  • Blue Dye
  • Goblin Mail
  • Red Bead
  • Yellow Bead
  • Black Bead
  • White Bead
  • Balls of Wool


  • Bronze Med Helm
  • Iron Chain Body
  • Bucket Of Milk
  • Pot Of Flour
  • Egg
  • Bones
  • Clay 
  • Copper Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Eye of Newt
  • Onion
  • Burnt Meat
  • Cabbage


  1. Passive Farming & Herblore


Farming is one of the most profitable skills on Zaros. Particularly if you do it the right way. By thieving master farmers for seeds, hunting bird houses and creating the most profitable potions on Zaros you can make millions of gp per hour completely passive.

I would highly suggest completing 45% of the achievement diaries for the most efficient farming technique. This allows you to teleport to all herb, tree and fruit tree plots free of charge.

Here are links to guides for birdhouses and farming:



  1. Slayer

In addition to Farming, Slayer is one of the most consistent money makers in the game. Nothing is guaranteed - however, it goes without saying that some of the most valuable items in game require a high slayer level to receive as a drop.

Here is a link to a guide for slayer:

Here is a link to a guide for instance tokens (slayer casket reward):


  1. Thieving

If you haven’t heard about all of the bots on Zaros by now - you probably have your yell turned off. Lucky you. Otherwise, I’m sure you’re wondering why everyone is ranting about these god darn thieving bots! Reason being - it makes a lot of guaranteed gp p/hr.

Here is a link to a thieving guide:

However, summarized you can do home stall from 1-38 thieving, master famers from 38-55, knights of ardougne from 55-80 and heroes from 80-99 for maximum experience and gp.


  1. Motherload Mine

Lastly, for those of you who prefer a more laid back money maker. The motherland mine is quite afk~able once you unlock the 2nd floor. And is extremely profitable due to the high demand for ores and bars.

Here is a guide for this mini game:


Thank you to those of you who have provided these additional guides!

For additional ideas, feel free to send me a pm in-game or on discord @SLAYEX#7352.

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