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Host kings

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Welcome to Host Kings, Where all the gambling begins.



Just type "::gamble" while you are in game, and you will be teleported to Castle wars.




No Max Bet

  • HostMattigan - Thread 5881
  • Sid Lee / Sid - Thread 5992










Recruit rank info

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We are not recruiting at this moment


So you decided you want to join Host Kings and put your name below, well there is only a few steps;

1. You must have a vouch thread

2. You must be active in ::Gamble before getting recruited

3. You must pay X amount for the starter rank in Host Kings.


To rank up from recruit

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Undecided at the moment

All star ranks are handpicked

Rules for all hosts

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    • No betting on your fellow hosts; always results in a loser in Host Kings
    • Make sure to say each pot and game in clanchat, it makes multiple bets easier to distinguish
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