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Frosty Dice [Gambling Clan]

Frosty Dice

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Welcome to Frosty Dice!



Trust & Experience:

Frosty Dice gambling clan was founded in end 2014, which was the rise of Ikov. We grew to become the largest gambling clan out there, with ranks costing from 3-10B. Dominated the gambling scene since 2014. in 2019, we strive to bring the largest gambling clan back!


All hosts are required to call out their pots in the Clan Chat and Discord, to ensure legitimacy and evidence of every single stake.
As-well as ranks having paid a large sum to obtain their rank, they have max limits they can take bets up to; that are fully insured.
On the rare occasion if a rank scams you, we will refund your bet (after evidence is shown).
This means it is completely safe for you to gamble!


Rank Limits & Other Information:

Max Bets/Rank Prices:

Owner N/A

 General N/A

 Captain N/A

 Lieutenant N/A

 Sergeant N/A

Corporal N/A

 Recruit N/A

Discounted prices may be offered to those with a strong reputation.




1. How do we bet?
Join our CC & place a bet on an open host, then specify what game you wish to play.

2. What games do we offer and what are their rules?

1. 55x2 - Host will roll a 100 sided dice. If the dice lands on 56-100, you win x2 your bet. 55 is a reroll.

2. Blackjack - Host will roll a 100 sided dice. The objective of blackjack is to get as close to 100 as possible without going over. The host will roll for you first, and you tell him when to stop. After you have told the host to stop aka "stay", the host will try to beat your roll without going over 100. If the host goes over 100, you win x2 your bet.

3. Hot/Cold - You choose either hot or cold, and the host will plant a single flower. If your choice matches the color of the flower, you win x2 your bet.
Hot colors = Red, Yellow, Orange
Cold colors = Blue, Pastel, Purple
Multicolored = Black, White, Rainbow <-- Black and White is replant, Rainbow color is host win.

4. Flower Poker - The one with the higher hand wins.

Order of hands from least to greatest:

1 Pair - 1 pair of identical matching flowers
2 Pair - 2 sets of identical matching flowers
3 of a kind - 3 flowers of the same color
Full house (3 of a kind with a 1 pair) - 3 flowers of the same color + 1 pair of identical matching flowers
4 of a kind - 4 flowers of the same color
5 of a kind - 5 flowers of the same color


5. Dice Duel - Both the bettor and the host will roll a 100 sided dice. The one with the highest roll wins.


Rules / Guidelines / Policy

1. No Flaming / racism in the CC.

2. Only Ranked players can host.

3. If scammed, video proof is required for a refund. (make sure to check the max bet of the host)

4. If scammed, upload the video & notify Staff + Me / (co)-owners immediately. 

5. Any Rank's who scam will be banned permanently from the CC.

6. Any form of interference such as troll planting or any other mischievous behaviour will result in a ban from the CC.

7. If a rank takes a bet over their maximum they will be instantly demoted, no warning will be issued. These limits are put in place to avoid scamming. 

8. As a rank you can only host in the CC, if you are seen to be hosting in another CC you will be demoted.

9. Ranks are required to call out their pots in the CC and discord at all times.

10. Ranks are recommended (not required) to be in the discord channel; so that we can communicate with you when necessary. While hosting it is required. 

11. If you are interested in purchasing or have any questions regarding ranks please contact any general or higher in the clan



Further information will follow when the server is released!

If you want to chill out, talk with ranks, or if you are interested in joining the gambling clan and want to become a rank, contact us on discord:

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