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Greetings from Warden


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Hello and welcome to my thread,

I'll start of with the basics about me as a person outside of my character "Warden".

My name is Deacon, I'm 23 years old from the United Kingdom. I work as a welder and fabricator working on yachts.

I'm a strictly mobile only player and love the challenge that awaits, I enjoy the grind and playing with other players in a group or even a clan. I have a discord also if people are interested in that.

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Welcome to Zaros, Deacon. I really enjoy seeing account progression on mobile only players. Personally, I'm not a mobile player or a fan of mobile gaming, but then I am always fascinated with accounts and its progression for players that do limit themselves to mobile only. If you're interested and wanting to, you could create a Goals & Achievements thread in the forum linked before. It definitely will be something that I follow ?


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