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If you wanna be any rank inside the immortals chat. You must follow the rules down below.

1. Don't flamebait any clan members.

2. Don't beg inside the clan chat.

3. Any kind of threatening isn't tolerated.

4. No racism allowed among us.

5. You have to have discord account, where we're able to catch you up. (If you don't own one, it's fine).

6. Always listen up to higher ranks when you have given a command.

7. Clan hopping isn't tolerated neither.

8. You must own ability to be pking in multi zones and you gotta take pressure sometimes.




- Phad -



Our main focus is to build a strong clan in terms of actual PKing skill and communication

We amongst the immortals acively PK every single day and when provided the appropriate numbers online, we particiapate in multi PkKing and wars.

We also do a bit of pvming in general to keep our banks clean. We also do random events.

Most likely we're looking for mains / maxed pures in the cc to pk with to accompany the immortals out into deep wildy.

Have no intentions of bringing any toxicity into the immortals (we talk alot of trash but most likely it's just sarcasm, no instigating fights).

We love to have a laugh and give eachothers shit, but there is difference between jokes and intenational flaming.

No Bsing (backstabing) immortals members for not helping, or not being good enough from your perspective. Just report them to clan leader (s) to deal with them.

If someone isn't up to par with your abilities, you don't have to pk with them outside of the immortals.

Discord voice is mandatory whenever we having fight against higher numbers, as coodernation is needed. Obviously only applies to peoples who own discord.


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