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I was wondering if there would be any possibility that we could have Morytania Legs 3 to the achievement store?

As we have other items in there I thought it'd be pretty cool if we could get those, as they are quite beneficial particularly for barrows but not limited to that.


Robin offers 26 pots of Bonemeal and 26 free Buckets of slime each day in exchange for 26 bones (The bones you exchange to Robin WILL be given as bonemeal as a part of the diary reward, noted bones are not accepted)

Double Mort myre fungi when casting Bloom

50% more prayer experience from burning shade remains

Access to a shortcut across the estuary on Mos Le'Harmless

50% more runes from the Barrows chest

7.5% more Slayer experience in the Slayer Tower while on a slayer assignment

Ability to teleport to Burgh de Rott when operated

Edited by 1995
Bonecrusher already obtainable via slayer store
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