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Setting: allow to swap home teleport menu options


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Currently, the home teleport's left-click option takes you to Edgeville. If you right-click though, you can either open the menu for your favorite teleports, or take your last teleport. We also have the ::home command which will take us to Edgeville.


It would be nice to be able to select which of these options is the left-click one. That way if you want to take your last teleport, or open your favorite teleports, you do not need to right-click.


Menu swapping is already available for many other features thanks to a RuneLite plugin. Could easily either incorporate it into this option, or add it to the Advanced Options | Zaros Options menu.



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33 minutes ago, Supra mk4 said:

Add it now. I would like to set my home tele to ::gamble. 😄

I was not suggesting allowing to select where the `Home` option would take you - just which option on the right-click menu was on top.


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