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"BetZep" | No.1 Dicing CC


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Welcome to 'BetZep' Gambling CC

Gamble with confidence and safety.


Rank Prices

Rank 1 Recruit = 55m | Max Bet 125M | Max Pot 250M

Rank 2 Corporal = 150m | Max Bet 250m | Max Pot 500M

Rank 3 Sergeant = 225m | Max Bet 500m | Max Pot 1B

Rank 4 Bronze Star = 500m | Max Bet 750M | Max Pot 1.5B

Rank 5 Silver Star = 1B | Max Bet 1.5B | Max Pot 3B

Rank 6 Gold Star (Earnt) | Max Bet Any | Max Pot Any

To purchase a rank message "BetZep" or "Zephyr" In-Game




1. Follow Zaros' Rules

2. Only Ranked Members Can Host

3. Scamming = Instant Kick/Ban


Host Rules:

1. Do not accept bets above your rank value

2. Record all bets for safety of yourself and the clients

4. Do not take on any bets that you cannot afford to pay the pot for

5. Be patient and respectful to all clients

6. All bets must be dealt in the cc

7. You cannot host for a different cc

8. You must put BetZep in your auto-talker ingame

9. Join the discord for your rank roles



55x2: Host rolls dice if above 55 the client wins if below host wins.

1-45: Host rolls dice if between 1-45 client wins if above 45 host wins.

Blackjack: Client go's first, host rolls for client for example 65, client says hit or stay you need to get as close to 100 as possible

if you go over 100 host wins and if host beats your number you lose.



If you get scammed by a host please send video proof to 'Betzep'

You will be refunded bet value. I will not refund you past the host's rank value




Join our discord for Zaros Giveaways!!!


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