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Money making guide [Demonic Gorillas]


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First of all whats up boys. So if you just joined the zaros, you might wonder like how you make money or somethings right? It's meant for literally everyone. If you think first bout Demonic gorillas in zaros, u might think like no it's not good money. But yet i made 52 kc myself as regular account. Within that 52 kc i received 2 zenyte shards, It might be rng but let's be real, you will receive atleast one in a day, which is 75-80m as now the prices are set up like this. But who doesn't know how to do demonic gorillas, i will mention everything and show everything down below 🙂 . If it doesn't bring you enough rng that you're able to get one, just keep grinding, eventually you will receive one. Out of all the npc's / slayer etc... demonic gorillas are very good money next to lower grade bosses and etc..


How to defend yourself against them? - Demonic gorillas has 3 attack styles (mage, range, melee), they do all of them. Also they're dropping stone looking things from above so you should move ur character atleast 1 tile to not get any damage. If you don't know what i mean, you'll find out once you're killing them. Apparently there's currently pray delays so it's hard to pray against them correctly. I'm doing them fine myself, cuz i've learnt all the mechanics. 

How to kill them? Also the gorillas are praying against mage, range, melee. However if you do some damage on them, they change pray to whatever style you used to attack them. So you have to change to range / melee style whenever they change prays to keep up the damages on em.


Gear what to use against gorillas - That's some budget gear i'm using right here.





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