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Corruped Gauntlet Guide


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Corrupted Gauntlet Guide

Please note, The corrupted gauntlet is not an easy challenge, I recommend high stats and augry (if you're using magic) & rigour.

Before entering the corrupted gauntlet you will have to complete the regular gauntlet at least once, You can refer to this guide and go through the exact same process, But it will be much easier.

Let's Begin.


Starting Out



Upon entering the gauntlet you will be given these items (Sceptre will be equip).

*Save your teleportation crystal until the end when you're prepping to fight the boss.

Each item has a purpose, You will need to keep a hold of them until you have collected the resources required to build your gear.

The Sceptre will be required to light room and will also be your weapon of choice until you go back to the starting room for the first time.

Round One


In round one, you will want to navigate the rooms as shown below.


This keeps you close to the starting room whilst opening up ample opportunities to find resources.

Each of the resources can be found below.



Linum Tirinum, Corrupt Deposit & Phren Roots are all required to make the armour, I personally only take enough to make T1 armour which would be 3x of each.

Fishing Spot's will be your food resource, Demi Bosses & Monsters can also drop food.

Grym Roots are required for your potions, I personally like to make 3 potions which will require 3 herbs but 2 is plenty for more experienced players.

You CAN drop your axe & pickaxe once you have finishing cutting/mining 3 of each resource, they are not required again. 

Note, Whilst navigating the rooms you will encounter monsters, You MUST kill them until you receive a weapon frame before you go back to the starting room.

Weak Monsters: Corrupted Spider (Level 32), Corrupted Rat (Level 34), Corrupted Bat (Level 48)

Strong Monsters: Corrupted Unicorn (Level 64), Corrupted Scorpion (Level 89), Corrupted Wolf (Level 102)

I advise only killing the weaker monster's for the frame as the drop rate is pretty common and they have low hitpoints not to waste much time.


Once your inventory looks something like this it's time to head back to the starting room.

If you don't have enough shards for your vials yet, don't panic, you will pick up more in the second run.



Head over to the singing bowl and craft the following:

1x Corrupted Helm

1x Corrupted Body

1x Corrupted Legs

1x Corrupted Bow

2/3x Vials

In order to free up some inventory space for the second run you can drop resources on the floor.





Round Two


Round Two is where you will be killing the Demi Bosses in order to upgrade your weapons to a higher tier.

Demi Bosses are found on the very edge of the map so from the starting room just keep lighting a path until you hit an edge and go in a ring that way.


There are a total of 3 Demi Bosses.


The Bear will drop the Corrupted Spike, required for upgrading the hasta to T3, Pray MELEE against this boss.


The Dark Beast will drop the Corrupted Bowstring, required for upgrading the bow to T3, Pray RANGE against this boss.


The Dragon will drop the Corrupted Orb, required for upgrading the staff to T3, Pray MAGIC against this boss.

I would strongly recommend only killing the Bear & Dark Beast as they give the best DPS weapons for the final showdown.

Along the way of finding these bosses, Pick any herbs which you're missing and fish more food required for the Hunllef.

Note: Vials can also be used on Fishing Spots to fill them instead of the pump in the starting room.

Once you have both upgrade pieces of your choosing & an extra weapon frame, use your teleport crystal to head back to the starting room for the final prep.

Use your pestle & mortar on your shards to create dust (20 or 30 depending on how many potions you require), Use your herbs on the vials of water which have either been filled at a fishing spot or water pump in the starting room and then use your dust on the (unf) potion to create your completed potion.

Head back over to the singing bowl & create the following:

1x Corrupted Halberd

Upgrade your Bow from T1 > T2

Upgrade your bow from T2 > T3

Upgrade your halberd from T1 > T2

Upgrade your halberd from T2 > T3

Head over towards the stove to cook your fish, Note you can speed this up by spam clicking the stove.

Your inventory & gear should look similar to this for the final boss.



The Final Showdown


The Corrupted Hunllef is a level 894 boss and is not easy to navigate for first timers.

It has a max hit of 68 so make sure to keep your hitpoints high.

The Boss works on a very predictable attack cycle starting with 4 range attacks and then 4 mage attacks, alternating every 4 attacks.

The Boss also has a stomp attack if you get underneath him which will deal massive damage, try to avoid this. (This doesn't count towards the 4 attack cycle).

Special attacks DO count towards the 4 attack cycle.






Simple mechanic, When the tiles are RED they are fine to stand on without taking damage, When they turn YELLOW/ORANGE you will take rapid damage.

The floor moves every time it disappears. 




Hunllef will heel up on it's back legs before stomping on the ground and 2-4 tornado's will spawn depending on it's hitpoints coming towards you.

You MUST avoid these at all costs or you will take rapid damage (15-20) Per tornado.

You CAN run through the tornado's without taking damage if timed properly.



If you're not much of a counter for the 4 alternating attacks, Hunllef will signal it's changing attack style with the animation shown below.

The boss will also change it's overhead prayer's hence the need for 2 weapons.


Thank you for reading,

Good luck on your Blade of Saeldor.


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