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Solo Raids Services (Chambers of Xeric)

Jack Sparrow

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Hi, an iron friend recently gave me the idea to do this and its something he would purchase, provided he had the money to do so. As a result, I will try this out and see how it goes. I will be offering solo raid services for the Chambers of Xeric - each solo generated ~ 33-37k points, giving the average unique drop rate to ~1/17 to ~1/16.


-80+ combat stats

-70+ prayer

-Blowpipe (if no, can discuss price in PM)




-25m/per killcount and I get a split of 50% if a unique is dropped. (base price, goes lower with better gear PM for more info)

-50m/per killcount with no split of unique, if dropped. (base price, goes lower with better gear PM for more info)

-BULK ORDER (5+) - 5% discount per killcount.


-If you do not have the money to cover the cost if a unique is dropped (e.g. tbow) and purchase the 50% split package, I will drop the item to my main account and keep it. I will pay you the 50%.

-If I get a unique drop, I will hold it on your account and you will pay the split (if needed) off an alternate account. Failure to do so will result in the item being dropped to my main. I will pay you the 50%, assuming you bought that package.

-If I die in a raid I will repeat that raid.

CONTACT: Captain Jack Sparrow#0001 on Discord or PM "Jack Sparrow" ingame


Zaros: Current PB - 20:34


07: Current PB - 19:01



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