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Ancient Mage Intro

Ancient Mage

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Hello Everybody,

I am Ancient Mage. You might have seen me on other popular private servers (which I won't name here). Needless to say, I have been in the RSPS community for several years. And I am very excited to start my adventure in Zaros and to meet many cool players along the way. 

I will most likely be playing as a regular player on regular xp mode. The challenge and economic limitations of ironman isn't really for me. But I will still try to remain competitive on the hiscores despite my busy IRL schedule. 

Hoping to do lots of PvM with clanmates or friends. My favorite bosses / monsters are Corporeal Beast, Dag Kings, Demonic Gorillas, Graardor and Kree'ara. 

Some personal goals of mine are to get best in slot magic items, 200m magic, and perhaps max/comp cape. 



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