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Frequently Asked Questions(Updated)


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FAQ Updates

So to help ease the questions that all the mods are getting I am compiling a list in one thread and that way you can read more info and be more informed. 

Please DON'T ask mods for ETAs. Information will come through #announcments on discord if it needs an ETA.

Currently Updated as of 01/15/2021

General FAQ

Q: Where is the anti-dragon fire shield?

A: Tool Store at ::home. Please EXPLORE ::home shops.


Q: Where can I find a Helm of Neitiznot as a Ironman?

A: Rellekka Helmet Shop


Q: How many waves is fight caves?

A: It is just Jad and the healers.


Q: How many waves is inferno?

A: It can be the last 3 waves or full cave. Full cave gives a 10% chance at the pet.


Q: Where can I imbue my slayer helm or black mask?

A: 200 Point scroll in the slayer point shop.


Q: Where can I trade my item sets?

A: Trading post on west side of ::home.


Q: Where can I use my free clue if I am donator?

A: Use clue scroll on Dr. Clue in north of home. He will give you a casket.


Q: Where can I get an abyssal pouch?

A: Use fairy ring ALR or Skilling > Runecrafting: Abyss and kill mobs there.


Q: Where can I start RFD and is it the full quest?

A: The gypsy right next to the cook in Lumbridge. It is just the bosses at the end and you can bank in between fights.


Q: Where can I get Quest Cape?

A: Wise old man in Cities > Draynor teleport.


Q: Where can I get my 99 {Insert Skillname here} cape/Max Cape?

A: Mac at ::home in the room with Zaros Altar north of Bank.


Q: How do I lock my XP in {Insert Skillname here}?

A: Use the command ::xplock in-game.


Q: What is an Instance token?

A: It allows you to create an Instance for you and others(if they have an instance token as well) to solo/team a boss, instead of competing with others online.


Q: How long does {Insert Farming Item here} take to grow?

A: Half of OSRS times, so Herbs are 40 minutes instead if 80 minutes, and Trees are 4 hours instead of 8 hours.


Q: How do you Imbue rings as an Ironman?

A: Slayer Rewards Shop Imbue, need to have Ring in Inventory to Imbue


Q: What is the best way to get Medium Clues?

A: Cannon Guards/Dagganoths, Slayer Caskets, Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting.


Q: What are some good beginner money making methods?

A: Slayer and Thieving make some decent early cash and even end-game cash to be honest.


Q: Where can I reclaim my items?

If you lose your cannon, try checking Collection Box at bank otherwise check for a gravestone or Death Dimension south of ::home(Gravestone Icon on Mini-Map) or for some items check Perdu north of ::home bank in Altar room


Q: How do I get to Ape Atoll?

A: Dungeons > Ape Atoll


Q: Where can I find a fairy ring close to ::home? 

A: East of Bank @ ::home


Q: Where do I repair my barrows items?

A: Bob @ ::home shops or Armour Stand in Player Owned House


Q: Where do I repair my broken PvP items?

A: Perdu north of bank in Altar room @ ::home


Q: How do I obtain a shadow sword / spotted cape? 

A: North of ::home bank trade Dr. Clue in Altar room


Q: Can ironmen use others POH gilded altar to train prayer? 

A: Ironmen can not use other POH to train Prayer, they will need to make their own or refer to Chaos Altar/Zaros Altar @ ::home


Q :Where can I buy a dragon scimitar as an ironman?

A: 100k Coins @ Daga in Ape Atoll (Dungeons > Ape Atoll and run into town)

Note: Refer to Konar's Dragon Scimitar Guide


Q: Does a tent whip degrade?

A: Yes, it has 10k charges and after it degrades entirely, you will need to acquire a new Abyssal Whip to use the Tentacle on again


Q: Does my slayer streak reset if I cancel or block a task?

A: No, the only way to reset your streak is by getting a task from Tureal in Burthrope, while on task.


 Q: Does my slayer streak stack up when I use different slayer masters?

A: Your slayer task streak will continue for every Slayer Master except Wilderness Slayer Master 😄


Q: Do I have to insure my pet?

A: Yes and you can do so in ::home bank @ Probita


Q: How do I exchange my platinum tokens into gold? 

A: You use the Platinum Tokens on a Banker to convert into gold and vice versa, use gold on Banker to convert to Tokens

Account Related FAQ

Q: I have issues with my account/2FA, where do I get help?

A: Create a ::ticket at https://forum.zaros.io/support/create

Note: This does not include Account Bans, those are to be sent to the Forums > Appeals section..


Q: How do I change my name?

A: Currently there is no way to change your name, this will be added in a future update.


Q: Is it possible to transfer tokens or total donated to another account?

A: As of right now, there is not an option on transferring from one account to another.


Q: How often can we ::vote?

A: You can vote on both sites every 12 hours.


Bug Related FAQ


Q: When will we be able to GIM Kick?

A: The developers are working on a way to implement this properly. No ETA as of right now.

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Updated 01/28/2021




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8 hours ago, She said:

Sweet guide, Cody. Should have this converted to some kindof way in-game, since bare amount of people actually check the guides on forums. 


Will see if we can get a ::faq command, if you have any other suggestions or things that may need added...just shoot them over to me and I will update 😄




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