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Group/duo slayer


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Hear me out lads,

I'm not sure if we can use other servers names on here but I can edit or delete. Osrs rsps of the most fun slayer experiences through duo tasks. It works by selecting a partner, getting a task then both players are then on the same task, you gain 5% more slayer experience per kill (not really needed but helps when you have a task which someone else is killing, gives you an incentive to team up rather than crash) both players get slayer xp for each monster killed if they're in the same area, Points and task streaks work as usual. 

To put this into eaiser terms, you're killing necks at the katacombes and someone else has that task, you could quickly partner up and both benifit from the kills or flame and crash each other. I think it'll be way more friendlier if you quickly team up and gain slightly more xp while both getting the task done, you could even make a few friends along the way. 

I play with my partner, shes new and when we do slayer it's fun to kick back together and kick some ass, a group/duo slayer system would be amazing for group ironmen being able to share the same boss tasks for instances/grinds. 

Love you hear your feedback and visions,


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