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Small Walkthrough on how to slay Jad with low combat here


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-- Intro --
This is by no means a comprehensive guide with pictures, video footage or a smooth voice narrating what the lad his attack style is, however.. I do hope this will help some beginners who tend to struggle with the jad fight.

If you are not familliar with Jad, then this video explains everything fairly clear (timestamped as Zaros only has the boss fight, not all waves): YoutubeTutorialOnJad

-- Informational bit --
Alrighty, so once you've watched the video you should be familliar with Jad and you should know that as long as you range him he only attacks with either:
A - A Ranged attack, indicated by a stomping attack
B - A Magic attack, indicated by him standing on 2 legs like a cat looking for food out of reach

The only part I've noticed new players being annoyed with, is the fact that NPC clipping/collision does not exist on Zaros for some reason.. and that once you lure all the healers they will simultaneously deal damage to you.

The easiest way, if your DPS is quite low and you had a low ranged level like myself... is to let the healers heal and focus on flicking jad, then focus on healers ONE BY ONE.. just completely kill them.
It seems that they do not respawn whatsoever... so take that as an advantage.

-- Gear Recommendation --
I'd personally recommend 60+ Ranged, a Rune Cbow or above and blue dhide gear or higher... I personally prefer to do it at 70+ with Karils so it becomes a tad easier/faster.

-- Finally --
The only reason I post this is because the npc collision here is scuffed and jad does not spawn healers multiple times, so you can just take it easy and guarantee constant victories.
As I said, nothing special.. just a little bit of info that hopefully helps 1 or 2 individual souls.

Have a nice day.

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