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Take action against Yell Spamming/Advertising.


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According to the Zaros Rules under spamming:

a. Yell should not be abused under any circumstances, take a few seconds between each yell and send another message. The yell channel is a privilege, not a right.
b. Auto-typers are no longer allowed for yell channel nor public chat, as we now have an auto-yell system in place, similar to the public auto-chat feature.
c. You may not advertise your gambling clan anywhere outside of the gambling area (castle wars). However, you are permitted to advertise the thread ID number over yell for things such as giveaways, events etc.

Not enough action is being taken against people abusing yell, No one wants to have yell activate and see this:


What I propose is taking action against the auto-typers and also changing rule c.

Advertising gambling CC's via thread numbers & giveaways over yell is basically the exact same as straight up advertising your gambling clan.


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