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Hc Vcx


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Current completed goals:

* Full elite void without range helm
* Fire cape
* 90 crafting
* 75 construction

Next goal: 

* Get 5 voting tickets for rune defender
* 99 attack for warriors guild
* Dragon defender
* 85 slayer
* Abyssal whip
* Karils xbow/rune c'bow

I will not be trying to max this account, the end game goal for this account will be purple chest in cox in my name. 

Progress update 1.1:



Completed goals:

* 99 attack
* Obtain a dragon defender ( unfortunately i was 1 voting ticket away from rune defender before it was removed )
72 cyclops  bronze -> rune + 39 for dragon defender
* 85 slayer
* Obtain a abyssal whip

Bonus - Uncharged trident

Next goal: 

* Amulet of glory or fury
* Karils xbow/rune c'bow
* Occult necklace
* ~ 80 range
* Supplies for zulrah
* To do zulrah till i get atleast 1 unique
* ~70 prayer
* Void range helm
* Explorer's ring 1 for herb patches
* Secret goal

Progress update 1.2:



Played on laptop, thought i'll do few kills before sleep. Was at 40hp without anti, cloud comboed me out. Gf, was fun ( Secret item was ma2 cape)


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16 minutes ago, Calabria said:

Good luck on your goal and journey, remember don't die.

Thanks, i'll try  🙃

7 minutes ago, Leaned said:

Best of luck on the Hardcore Ironman @Vcx

Will be an interesting read to see how the account progresses over time.


Calling Kodai insignia for your first purple.

Ty, will see how far i'll get 😄 

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15 minutes ago, Vcx said:

Thank you all for the good luck !
Progress update 1.1 is done  

Nearly got chanced at catacomb bloodvelds, lucky bonus drop and new goals !

Some great progress thus far.

Looking forward to the second update, also curious as to what your secret goal is 😉 

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