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Hosidius Master Farmer


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Bring back the Hosidius master farmer that was not moving. 

Pros: Need a Seed box to pick pocket this master farmer because of the distance from teleport (Donation Item)

Cons: can be botted, but like heros, players can get banned as well.

P.S - this is very beneficial for ironman to gather seeds without being full foucsed, xp rates for reg iron 1.7m/hr, uim 1.4m/hr, eim 500k/hr.




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1 minute ago, Jedi said:

i see alot of ppl are saying autoclicking will happen, but isnt that a bannable offense? ppl autoclick heros and get banned

Yes but the point of having it removed is to prevent people from autoclicking it in the first place - the NPC was bugged that's why they removed him he wasn't moving like intended why would they bring a bug back just for people like you to abuse it. Silly suggestion.

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