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UIM Progress - 1/11/2021

Sexy Woox

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     Hey guys! Sexy Woox here. If you've been keeping up with my streams, you'll know what we're about to talk about. We've been working on some PVM grinds, since I'll gain a lot of prayer/herb/other skills passively while I PVM. We started by getting back our trident from our PK death, and went on to tackle Zulrah. 135 kc in we received an onyx, 163 was our first useful unique with the magic fang. After 120 kc with nothing, we got another magic fang at 283. We continued moving and we got the blowpipe on stream at 309 kc! After that, we made darts out of all the bars Zulrah gave us oh so generously, and stocked up our new BP.


     After that, we went to lizardmen because of a slayer task, and hung out there for several hundred KC. During an attempt to get another task, we landed on hydra from Konar and decided to set out an kill the Alchemical Hydra.

     Good choice. We got a hydra's claw 1kc and are now one Zamorakian Spear away from being the first Ultimate to complete the Dragon Hunter Lance. SICK. My current goal is to finish this massive hydra task and try to obtain a spear! Thanks to everyone for the massive support on the streams and during my progress, I really feel the love from all of you. I look forward to seeing you all in a stream!



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