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Zaros Starter Guide


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Getting Started


Registering your account

To register an account, go ahead and head over to: https://zaros.io/register



On the registration form, please note a few things before proceeding. 1) Usernames are case sensitive, meaning that it will be displayed in-game the same way you enter it. 2) You do not have to use an email to complete the registration form, however it will be required to set up a forum account. 3) When entering your password, make sure you do not use the same password from other servers/websites, you have played, to protect your account from any hackers. Once you have completed the form, check the “I Agree” box and click Create Account to proceed. Congratulations, you have registered your server account!

Setting up your profile

Once you have registered your account, you can view your player profile at: https://zaros.io/profile



In your profile, you will be able to view your account info, update your email and password, and be able to set up 2FA. In your account info, you can view your current username, the date you registered the account, the total amount of votes you have, and the total amount of money you have spent in the online store. It is highly recommended that you turn on Two Factor Authentication or 2FA.


Two Factor Authentication - highly recommended

To begin setting up Two Factor Authentication or 2FA, you will need to open your profile and find the Two Factor Authentication section.


Using either programs such as Authy or the Google Authenticator app, they will be required to set it up. If you need assistance setting up 2FA, check out this Two Factor Authentication Guide.

Once you have an app installed and ready to go, scan the QR Code that is provided to you on your profile page. Once scanned, you will be given an auth code on the app. You should then enter the provided auth in the text box “Auth”, enter your current password, and the 2FA code that will be provided. After entering the information, click Enable 2FA. You should now be protected with 2FA.


Exploring the Home Area





Trading Post - non-ironman
  • Buy or sell items with other players
  • Pack or unpack item sets
  • View market history
  • Open your bank

 Vote Shop - A shop to spend your voting points

  • Vote Token - 1 Vote Point
  • Dragon Defender - 25 Vote Points
  • Rune Defender - 5 Vote Points
  • Fire Cape - 25 Vote Points
  • Slayer Task Skip Scroll - 2 Vote Points
  • Imbue Combat Rings Scroll - 25 Vote Points
  • Pet Rate Bonus Scroll - 20 Vote Points
  • Clue Rate Bonus Scroll - 15 Vote Points
  • Raids Boost Bonus Scroll - 10 Vote Points
  • Scroll Sack - 50 Vote Points
  • Master Scroll Book - 25 Vote Points
  • Bolt Pouch - 10 Vote Points
  • Goldsmith Gauntlets - 12 Vote Points 
  • Ice Gloves - 12 Vote Points
  • Cooking Gloves - 12 Vote Points
  • Magic Secateurs - 4 Vote Points
  • Herb Box - 2 Vote Points
  • Bag Full of Gems - 3 Vote Points
  • Ectophial - 4 Vote Points
  • Lederhosen Hat - 8 Vote Points
  • Lederhosen Top - 8 Vote Points
  • Lederhosen Shorts - 8 Vote Points
  • Camo Helmet - 8 Vote Points
  • Camo Top - 8 Vote Points
  • Camo Bottom - 8 Vote Points
  • Ring of Nature - 40 Vote Points
  • Ring of Coins - 80 Vote Points
  • Flippers - 8 Vote Points
  • Gnome Scarf - 8 Vote Points
  • Ash Covered Tome - 5 Vote Points

Thieving Stall 
  • Once you theive at the stall, you will receive between 1,200 to 1,400 coins.

General Shops
  • Melee Shop - Low to Mid Tier Weapons and Armour
  • Range Shop - Low to Mid Tier Range Weapons, Ammo, and Armour
  • Magic Shop - Runes and Low Tier Armour
  • General Shop - General Store Items
  • Jewellery Shop - Necklaces and Rings
  • Head Chef - Food and Consumables
  • Herblore Shop - Primaries and Secondaries
  • Construction Supplier - Construction Supplies
  • Achievement Shop - Achievement Rewards 
  • Bob - Sells Pickaxes and Axes and will repair broken items
  • Tool Shop - Various Tools/Skilling Items

First Time Logging In


Now that you’ve registered your account, set up your profile, and know your way around the home area, now it’s time for you to log in for your first time. After downloading the client, open the client, download the cache, and enter your account details into the login box. Once you have successfully logged in, you will be granted with an interface to pick your XP rates:


  • None - 200x Combat, 50x Skilling, and 25x Post-99
  • Realism - 8x Combat, 8x Skilling, 5x Post-99, 5% Drop Rate Boost
  • Standard Iron Man - 80x Combat, 50x Skilling, 25x Post-99
  • Hardcore Iron Man - 1 Live, 80x Combat, 50x Skilling, 25x Post-99
  • Ultimate Iron Man - 1 Inventory/No Bank, 20x Combat, 20x Skilling
  • Group Iron Man - Group of 5, 65x Combat, 40x Skilling  
OR 8x Combat, 8x Skilling, and 5% Drop Rate Boost
  • Elite Iron Man - 1 Live, 8x Combat, 8x Skilling, 5x Post-99, 8% Drop Rate Boost, 5% Drop Rate Boost Post-Live

After choosing and confirming your XP rate, you will be asked to take a tutorial of Zaros. This tutorial will show you key or important features of Zaros and help you in finding your way around. Feel free to decide to use the tutorial if you want to. After the tutorial, you will have the option to customize your character. Once your character is created and edited to your liking, you will receive your starter and begin playing Zaros!

Regular Starter Pack


Ironman Starter Pack




To help you navigate around the server, you can use the Teleporter interface to find useful teleports. Located in your spellbook, you can open the Teleporter by right clicking the Home Teleport and finding the option Teleporter.





So, you’ve chosen to play on an Iron Man account? Despite the restrictions and XP rates listed in the Game Mode Setup, there are some things you should know before taking off on your adventure. First, you’ll want to head into the Home Area’s bank, go to the northeast corner, and find the Ironman Manager. He can help you receive your Ironman Armour, turn your game mode back into a regular player (also known as de-ironing), and has two Ironman exclusive shops.



All around, the Ironman Manager is very helpful to you, an Ironman. He offers two shops that have important items for starting your account on this game mode. From Melee and Range to Magic equipment, the Ironman Manager has you covered. But, he only offers low to mid tier equipment. What about whenever you improve your combat skills and no longer have use for these items? Well, you have to turn to other methods to receive some items. Like we see in Shop 1, the best melee weapon the manager offers is a Brine Sabre, which requires 40 Attack to equip and use. The Brine Sabre is useful once you achieve 40 Attack, however are you going to continue to use it all the way until 99? No, you will need to have the next best weapon to continue improving your account. That’s where the Dragon Scimitar comes into play.

Although the Dragon Scimitar isn’t available for purchase in the Ironman Manager’s Shops and Ironmen can not use the Melee Shop, you will have to head to Daga’s Scimitar Smithy shop in Ape Atoll. In order to use the shop, you will need the following:

  • Combat Level of 60
  • 100,000 (100K) Coins
  • Range Prayer or someone to tank range hits

Once you have these requirements, it’s time to head to Ape Atoll. You can teleport to Ape Atoll quickly by using the Teleporter in your spellbook, going into the Dungeons category, and selecting the Ape Atoll teleport. After teleporting, you will be right outside of the Ape Atoll Dungeon, next to the ladder. You will need to run Northwest until you find the gate, go through the gate, run east until you find Daga’s house.


Talk to Daga and open the shop. The Dragon Scimitar can be bought for 100K coins.




One optional feature we have on Zaros are Quests. Currently, we have 13 free to play quests as well as an additional Members quest from OSRS, Recipe for Disaster (RFD). You might be worrying, why should I even complete these quests? Since the quests are very simple to complete, each quest isn’t a hassle on your Zaros experience and they offer some interesting rewards. Some rewards include 50%-increase Experience books, Crystal Keys, Coins and only fun prizes. For example, here are the rewards for completing RFD.


Money Making Methods



  • Steal money from the Beginner Stall @ Home 
  • Pickpocket Guards, Paladins, and Heroes @ Ardougne
  • Gem Stall @ Ardougne
  • Villagers @ Pollniveach


  • Cave Horrors for Black Masks
  • Gargoyles for Granite Weapons
  • Dragons for Bones
  • Abyssal Demons for Whips
  • GWD for Weapons and Armour


  • Farming for Herbs
  • Herblore for Potions
  • PVP for Items
  • Fishing/Cooking for Food Supplies

Important Forum Threads



Enjoy your Zaros Experience ❤️

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Wondrous guide as always, @SetupIt also gives those who did not play in the beta stage a nice little insight of the game, very jubilant Zaros' home is not custom made - I have never been too fond of custom homes.

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10 minutes ago, Wat said:

Wondrous guide as always, @SetupIt also gives those who did not play in the beta stage a nice little insight of the game, very jubilant Zaros' home is not custom made - I have never been to fond of custom homes.

I agree, I am okay with a few changes but full custom homes have not been very nice in RSPS..




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3 hours ago, Locked said:

Perks of being a beta tester! Thanks for this, will ensure we get a nice start without being lost 😄

Being a beta tester is nice, but it also requires A LOT of work lol especially if you chose Realism and playing with no beta commands haha




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2 minutes ago, Tephra said:

Very nice guide although i would like a sneak peek into the ironman shop 😉

I had already put that in the guide, but was told to take it off. I guess you'll have to find out in 2-ish days 🙂

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