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What Price Is This?


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Since the Start of the server players have been confused on the cost of each item, thinking they were going to get a great deal for it but end up getting merched.

A great way to help the economy flow and for players to understand the prices of each item better. 

In the Zaros Trading post I would recommend a Average sale price for each item. So for example creating a Price guide estimate where you take the average sale of the price of each item.

This would help balance the economy from people dumping prices or upscaling prices due to having the only one in the store.

It can be added without changing the interface. when the player clicks on the item. You can add in the dialogue that this item is averagely sold at this rough price. 



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I was hoping that instead of being the average price on examine, it would be the lowest price in the shop, so that you have an idea of what it would be. The average will be improperly skewed due to players putting items at a high price point praying someone buys it.

So if I could see the lowest price on the market I can tell if it's worth selling!

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