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420 Pkers vs Lithuanians +RR (ZAROS RSPS)


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We set up a last minute fight with Lithuanians and they quickly accepted  we massed up and set up at greater demons to defend. Lith rushed us and our barrages started to go off we got them clumped up left and right they were dropping like flys. they attempted to regroup on newgate hill twice and we hit there regroup going in single piles to catching them in clumps through the gate.

Roadrage showed up half way through the fight and rushed us attempting to sandwitch us and we cleared them out of the wilderness and went back to fighting lith.  they eventually lost opts and made there final stand at 50 portal where we finished them off walked back to new gate and took our ending! Thanks for the fight Lithuanians! better luck nextime Roadkill i mean rage😂🤣







Leader and Founder of 420 pkers 2004-2021  we are now on zaros pm me on discord to join! Dcranger#1764


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