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Fixing Summer Pies, Making Enchantments for opals and silver jewellery.

G a n k

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Summer pies and Pineapple pizzas are wrongly coded...

Summer pies seem to take ages to eat, when normally on osrs they eat quickly like they do on pineapple pizzas atm...


Pineapple pizzas are supposed to be slow like summer pies right now in zaros.


Opal jewellery should be able to enchant since, opal necklaces when enchanted you can make a dodgy necklace that gives a 25% chance of not being stunned when thieving, it would be great to have, since this is supposed to be like osrs, i'm not enjoying my experience so far with these Not coded properly or not even implemented, It would make my experience alot more better once things are fixed, i'll be looking around zaros for more specific problems don't worry!

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On 1/17/2021 at 9:42 PM, FTWImCody said:

I believe Silver Enchanted jewelry is being added in the next update 😄 As for the Summer Pies and Pineapple Pizza, hopefully those changes can be made 😄

Another good suggestion would be for time tracking, it gets annoying when you forget where you planted tree seeds or fruit tree seeds, you run everywhere to find 1, would be great for time trackin because then you can see your birdhouse run times along with Farming times when they're ready etc

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