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Ultimate Ironman Progress #1


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Thought I'd do a little progress update. I wanted to do one when I first started the account but I was lazy.

Started playing on the 8th January for reference

I plan to max this account and so when I first started out, my first plan of action was to get birdhouses up and running as soon as possible (not like that matters since I'm definitely not consistent with doing them). Once I'd done this and was finished messing around in a few skills here and there, like any sane human being, I jumped straight into the agility grind to get it out the way early. Like most people I hate agility but it had to be done.




Managed to get myself quite a few nice little graceful sets from this grind which is always nice



Next was firemaking at Wintertodt:



After Firemaking I ventured into some combat and slayer to take a break from the skilling grinds. Then after a while of that plus splashing overnight, I went to
motherload mine and afk'd my way to 99.


Lastly I did some Zalcano for smithing supplies and fletched myself almost 26k Mithril darts which definitely wasn't fun in a slightest. I also managed to stock up on about 7.5k gold ore
which once I get myself 12 vote tickets, I will be using at blast furnace to achieve 99 smithing.

This is the trainwreck that is my looting bag atm:


Nothing special and quite a few things will need cleaned out of there sometime soon.


As for my account overall, here are my current stats:



My immediate goals for the account is to cut teaks to 90 wc then afk redwoods to 99. By then I should have the voting tickets required
to hop straight into blast furnace. After this I have 6k lunars stocked up from rc to get myself enough molten glass for 99 crafting and 
hopefully quite far into construction alongside the teaks.


With all this I've managed to get myself into the top 15 UIMs, but it'll be a while before I catch up to Cake 😅



Thanks for reading my progress update!

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