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Casual Play

UIM Ramsey

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Personally, I don't think I have ever casually played RuneScape. If I was ever playing it was to spend hours upon hours doing tasks to level up. This has really deterred me from the game itself as I am a full time MBA student while playing a collegiate sport. Time to play the game has slowly gotten smaller and smaller.

After watching some Autumn Elegy videos, I finally was able to realize that you can play RuneScape casually and just slowly chip away at skills and not really care about efficiency or when the levels come. I recently bought a 27inch monitor to upgrade my computer station as I prepare for my MBA and I have been fishing on the side with the new found monitor space. Surprisingly, I absolutely love it. I don't care about anything really, i just slowly and surely level up my UIM. The current plan is to just max out all my skilling by doing things on the side and then start to progress the account gear wise slowly but surely.

This brings my question, how many of you consider yourself to be casual players? Do you sit down and plan out a huge session on RuneScape or it is more or less just something on the casual side?

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