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Zaros Updates [22/1/2021]


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This is a larger update that we've been working on for the last couple of weeks. We'll try our best to release weekly (but smaller) updates in the future, as that seems to be what most of you prefer based on the feedback we've been getting.

Also, as some of you may know already, @Chaflie resigned from the development team this week to focus on other things. We wish him the best and thank him for his time at Zaros.

Let's get on with today's updates, please let us know what you think of these changes below! 😀



Wilderness Keys

When killing a monster in the wilderness, it'll now have a chance of dropping a key that can be used to dig up treasure. The higher level monster you defeat, the higher chance it'll have of dropping a key. When obtaining a key, you may "feel" it to find the dig location - the warmer the key gets the closer you will be to the correct spot. But beware that the treasure will be guarded by a monster, so make sure you come prepared!

  • Red key - Chronozon (level 256)
  • Blue key - Me (level 201)
  • Magenta - Deathly ranger (level 244)
  • Green - Ulfric (level 214).

Warning! You will be automatically skulled when digging up treasure.

Ironmen can currently not do wilderness keys.

Click the spoiler below to see the loot table.





Other Wilderness Changes

  • There's now a 1/1000 chance of receiving the brand new Chompy chick pet when killing another player in the wilderness.
  • The wilderness level now begins at level 5.
  • Corrected some multi lines.
  • The Bounty Hunter interface no longer shows the wrong wilderness level for the target.
  • Fixed a bug where the client would freeze for a couple seconds when entering a region with hotspot markers in it.
  • Mage Arena
    • The lever teleporting players into the arena now delay incoming hits rather than cancelling them.
    • The entire inner-area of the arena will now restrict players to only using magic-based attacks (not only the inner circle with npcs).



  • Raids
    • Challenge Mode
      • Buffed Metamorphic dust droprate from 1/280 to 1/250.
      • All players in the raid now receive 10k points rather than 5k if the raid is completed within the time limit.
    • Making potions is now 1 tick faster.
    • Picking herbs is now 1 tick faster.
  • Theatre of Blood
    • Buffed the drop rates for uniques by about 10% (1 / 7.1 --> 1 / 6.3)
    • Similar to Zulrah, the Theatre of Blood death chest will now be free until you reach 10 killcount, allowing you to make a few mistakes while learning the ropes.
    • The chance of freezing the Nylocas Matomenos at maiden now properly scale based on the player's magic attack bonus, with a 100% freeze rate when it is at +140 or by having other alternative gear setups as listed on the wiki.
    • Added proper game messages to the stare phase of Xarpus.
    • Corrected the amount of damage you receive when hitting Xarpus in the stare phase while he’s actively looking at you. If you are using a multi-hit weapon (such as scythe), Xarpus will now properly hit you for those additional amounts of hits.
    • Sotetseg’s defence level will now be restored after each maze phase.
    • Pre-firing on nylocas before they switch forms will no longer cancel the damage.
    • Fixed an issue where the scythe of vitur would not hit multiple melee-type nylocas at once.
    • Bloat flies will no longer damage you after he has died.
  • Inferno
    • Jad healers no longer walk through jad.
  • Wintertodt
    • Cleaned up unique loot rates for wintertodt and ensured that bruma torches and warm gloves will properly drop. Changes to the rates in the common table will come at a later date along with several other skilling rate changes in the game.
    • Warm gloves have been removed from the “firemaking outfit” classification, thus letting you complete the achievement for wearing the full set without them.
    • The wintertodt will now automatically heal itself between 1-7% of its total energy per minute based on the number of lit braziers (with no braziers lit being 7%).
    • You can no longer spam click braziers to light or fix them resulting in double firemaking experience.
  • Gauntlet
    • Skilling dialogue amounts (make-x) are now independently saved in the Gauntlet and will not carry over from your skill dialogues elsewhere.
    • NPCs should no longer venture into other rooms when in combat with you.
    • Hunllef:
      • The crystal tornado  special attack will no longer fire on the fourth attack of the cycle (right before it changes style).
      • Crystal tornado spawn locations are now calculated on the tick they spawn rather than one tick before. This should lower situations where you walk into them as they spawn.
      • There is now a slight delay (1 tick) once floor tiles switch to orange before they start damaging you.
      • Fixed issues where your character would get hit before the projectile lands on you.
      • Slightly changed the pathing mechanics for crystal tornados.
  • Duel Arena
    • The third confirmation screen now shows the other player's stats rather than your own.
  • Last Man Standing
    • Ironmen can now pick up items in LMS.
  • Warrior Guild
    • The animator no longer deletes armour pieces if the player doesn't have the full set.
    • The animator now locks the player for fewer ticks.



  • Nightmare
    • The surge attack will no longer start without Nightmare teleporting to a new location first.
    • The MVP is now correctly given to the player with the most damage.
    • Inquisitor's set effect now gives correct bonuses.
  • Zalcano
    • Lowered attack speed slightly.
    • Zalcano's shockwave now also clears any tephra on the ground.
    • The MVP is now correctly given to the player with the most damage.
  • Cerberus
    • The souls will no longer attack the player after teleporting out.
  • Lizardman shamans
    • You can no longer use a dwarf multi cannon in the temple.
    • Shamans will no longer jump/spawn minions inside the walls in the temple.
    • Shamans will no longer spawn purple minions if there are already active ones.
    • The purple minions will now properly follow the player instead of just standing still sometimes.
  • Demonic & Tortured gorillas
    • Kill counts will now be tracked (they will still also count towards black demons in your slayer log).
    • Added multi-combat zones for demonic gorillas in the crash site cavern.
  • Night beast
    • The special attack now applies pj timer, preventing others from pjing the player.
  • Abyssal demons
    • The teleport special attack no longer cancels combat.
  • Droptable buffs! We've buffed the chance of hitting the unique table for the following bosses
    • Kree'arra
    • Demonic gorillas
    • Zulrah
    • Cerberus
    • Lizardman shamans
    • General graardor
    • Abyssal sire
    • Commander zilyana



  • Agility
    • Agility boosts (such as summer pies) now allow the player to access rooftop courses.
  • Crafting
    • Making slayer helmets now properly require a crafting level of at least level 55.
  • Construction
    • Building rooms in your POH now cost the same amount as displayed on the interface.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not properly upgrade certain decorations in your POH.
  • Farming
    • The Weiss herb patch is now disease-free.
    • The chance of receiving a Hespori seed when harvesting has been buffed from 1/7500 to level required to plant/2000.
    • Compost bins will now properly save on logout. Due to these changes, all compost bins have been reset.
  • Fishing
    • Fish barrels now properly save your stored fish when logging out.
    • If you find yourself with a golden tench from aerial fishing, you can now trade it into Alry the Angler for 100 molch pearls.
    • Unstuffed heads obtained from fishing (bass, swordfish, shark) were previously not being added to the collection log. On your next login, your collection log will now be updated with them granted you still have them in your possession.
    • You can no longer use fish obtained from aerial fishing on each other to create fish chunks without a knife.
    • Big net fishing now works (mackarel, cod and bass).
  • Herblore
    • Picking Rogue's purse from some walls no longer says "I can't reach that".
  • Hunter
    • Birdhouses no longer become unusable after a month of account inactivity.
    • Items from lucky impling now register in the collection log.
  • Magic
    • Humidify no longer locks the player for as long, and the items are filled once the rain starts falling down in the animation.
    • Bolt enchanting now properly deletes combination runes.
    • Runes within rune pouches and combination runes may now be used to make teleport tablets on POH lecterns.
    • You can now enchant Topaz, Opal and Jade jewelry! Here are some useful items that have just been added to the game:
      • Bracelet of slaughter
      • Expeditious bracelet
      • Bracelet of clay
      • Amulet of chemistry
      • Dodgy necklace
      • Amulet of bounty
      • Ring of returning
      • Necklace of passage
      • Necklace of faith
  • Mining
    • Amethyst mining is now faster.
    • Prospector Percy's Nugget Shop
      • Dragon pickaxe upgrade kit now costs 75 nuggets.
      • Bag of gems added for 60 nuggets.
  • Runecrafting
    • Abyssal monsters will no longer stop dropping pouches if the player has a giant one.
    • ZMI altar shortcuts added.
  • Slayer
    • You can now disable certain slayer unlocks.
    • Black dragons in the upstairs cavern of Taverly dungeon will now count black dragon kills towards konar assignments.
    • Brutal black dragons are no longer assigned in Catacombs by Konar for players with less than level 77 slayer.
    • Nechryaels' death spawns will no longer spawn on the other side of a wall.
    • Skeletal wyverns now correctly count as dragons (making dragon boosts work against them).
    • Killing abyssal sire no longer has a chance of spawning an abyssal demon superior monster.
    • K'ril tsutsaroth's minions (Balfrug Kreeyath and Zakl'n Gritch) no longer count towards greater demons task.
    • Catacombs of Kourend
      • Fixed droptables for skeletons and possessed pickaxes.
      • Bronze dragons will now properly be able to target the player.
      • You can now obtain infinite successive drops of totem pieces. The order of the pieces dropped will still remain the same (base, middle, top).
  • Thieving
    • Ardougne cloaks 2 and 3 now give bonus success chance when pickpocketing, if in the inventory or equipped.
    • Ring of life effect will now properly trigger when taking damage from pickpocketing.
  • Woodcutting
    • The mahogany trees in Prifddinas can now be cut.
    • Opening birds nests no longer locks the player for one tick.



  • Fixed issues with lower-value items protecting over charged items such as tridents and tomes of fire.
  • You can now properly apply weapon poison to javelins (p+), arrows/spears (p++), bone daggers, hastas, and amethyst arrows.
  • The trident of the seas (full) can now properly be sold on the trading post after fully charging it.
  • You can now craft the trident of the swamp (e) by using 10 kraken tentacles on an uncharged trident of the swamp.
  • You can now uncharge black masks.
  • The (empty) version of the master scroll book obtained from clues now works properly.
  • The dragon hasta now properly drains special attack energy.
  • The heavy ballista now requires level 33 defence to equip.
  • Maple shield now requires level 40 defence to equip.
  • Crate of Zanik now has an attack speed of 5 ticks.
  • Dragon bolts (unf) are now tradeable.
  • Granite mauls (ornament ones) are no longer tradeable.
  • Wilderness crabs teleport is now untradeable.
  • Dark essence blocks are now bankable.
  • Spinach rolls can now be consumed.
  • Gold/Pink elegant shirts and blouses no longer cause the arms to glitch out when worn.
  • Two-handed swords now have the correct animations.
  • Arclight will no longer degrade on non-successful hits (0's).


Other Changes:

  • You can now search in the teleport interface.
  • Corrected the healing amounts for chopped tuna, stew, chopped onion, chilli con carne, and scrambled eggs.
  • Regular combat potions now give the correct boost in attack and strength.
  • The achievement for obtaining 1 billion total experience is now properly obtainable.
  • Holding space to skip dialogs should no longer auto-select an option when an option dialog is opened afterwards.
  • The trading post will now require you to enter your bank pin (if you have one set).
  • The following achievements have been removed:
    • Collect at least 1,000 items in your collection log
    • Craft any Spirit Shield with a sigil
  • The edgeville stash unit (medium) was added back to the map near the spirit tree.
  • Arnold Lydspor at the fishing colony can now swap banknotes.
  • Emerald benedict in rogues den can now swap banknotes.
  • Deposit boxes can now swap banknotes.
  • Pet announcements will now trigger on duplicate pets aswell.


Thanks for reading.

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Realy nice update.

But please look further into Bounty hunter changes (teleport). It feels like it is nearly impossible to do wilderness content without being like instant tp'd on. Even doing clues is a pain. Atleast that is my opinion on it.

Keep up the good work! :)

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6 minutes ago, Thogor said:

Realy nice update.

But please look further into Bounty hunter changes (teleport). It feels like it is nearly impossible to do wilderness content without being like instant tp'd on. Even doing clues is a pain. Atleast that is my opinion on it.

Keep up the good work! 🙂

Support this one!

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