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Hallo in the past few days that i've joined (i'm mainly someone who flips/merches)

I've noticed a few annoying things amount the Trading post


1. Not being able to view history of items sold/bought (based on item)

This creates to much chaos for people and unstable prices if there is only 1 item in the trading post than there's no way to know if its overpriced/underpriced making it hard for both of the buyer and seller to get a 'fair' deal


2.  Create a fail safe for people not paying attention.

Probaly 30% of my profits have been from people either selling instance/voting tokens at 1 gp (the default value given when put into the trading post) 

I imagine if  someone is new to zaros and makes this mistake it can be reason for them to quit becouse lets be honest we are human we are not always paying attention sometimes we mess up.

Solution: Take the average from previous 10 successfull buys/sells for a item and if the amount someone tries  to list a item for 20% lower than said average there should be a warning window someone has to click to continue with the sell of that item


3. There should be a boost to the amount of trading post slots we have. 

Due to the large amount of sellable items in the game with relatively slow selling speed 

5 slots is just not practical specialy when looking at low value offers.


Solution 1:

Give more slots like 8-10 as default

Solution 2: 

Create some addition slots meant for "low value items"

I personaly describe low value items as each item having a value of 100k or less where quantity would not matter

This way we can have 5 high value items in our trading post and the additional slots for the rest

Its frustrating having to use a slot to sell 500k worth of  items when you're bank is 50m+ and having to wait for multiple hours for those to be sold specialy for people doing alot of pvm its just a huge time-investment to sell all you're pvm drops and for low value items i do not see this as something anyone enjoys


4.  Auto refresh / lower refresh timer

Currently you can refresh every few seconds (the latest posted items section of trading post)


I understand that this has been done to lower the amount of requests done / second as no cooldown could negatively influence performance however currently its just to slow / no indication of when you can refresh


solution: include a timer for when you can refresh or allow for a auto refresh  + lower refresh cooldown even if talking about performance a simple api request is not something that takes alot of calculating so there should be a cooldown but more in the way of 0.5 seconds.


5.  I assume these are already on the planning however

- Create a edit button for exsisting offers

- remove total you bought, total you sold, total for sale,total sold  These numbers are just waste of space they don't provide any usefull information  and could be used instead to make room for more usefull buttons/information  (for example looking at a specific item their history)

- Fix the sell Item button 


Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions and let me know if you support the proposed changes






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