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slayer task streak got reset even when i had slayer task skip scrolls in my invetory. was 45 task now it saying i only have 2 complete HELP

plan b pill

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so yeah pretty plain and simple. ive been grinding slayer all day on my realism account trying to get enough points for my slayer helm and my fighters torso. on my 45th task i got wall beast, and i wanted to hurry up and get to 50 so i said screw it im not doing wall beast it takes too long. so i went to the tp and bought 2 slayer task skip scrolls. i went back to my slayer master to skip the task. with both of the scrolls in my invetory, i clicked the accept skip option and just like that it skipped wall beast and gave me crawling hands. but come to find out it reset my consecutive task streak. which is kind of a bummer because ive been grinding towards the 50 task streak all day for the 600 bonus points so i could have enough for my fighters torso.. please help

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After talking to @Zaros, the problem was that you used a slayer skip scroll on Turael. You stated in your PMs with Zaros that you received a warning sayng it would reset. In which you continued to continue and it went ahead and reset your streak.


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Hi @plan b pill, I have spoke to the Developers as well and they cannot manually set streaks back sadly.. If the possibility was there he would of done it as it was an honest mistake so we're very sorry but there is nothing more we can do unfortunately, it might me best to focus less on the points for now and to stick to Nieve for your tasks as she will scale with your level. The tasks maybe longer but will give the points worth the time & much more experience.


Apologies again from us


Best of Luck





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