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Increase Donator Benefits

S M 1 T E D

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Allow legendary+ to set custom titles/change titles from shop for free. 

Barely any increase in benefits from Extreme to Legendary and its a $750 jump. Access to motherload top floor??? I  got 99 mining 5th day, come on now. 

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I like the idea. It gives those who actually reach the 1,000$ goal something to stand out.

21 minutes ago, Pro skiller said:

in my opinion getting donator rank is a sort of way of showing that you support the devs and owner.

in my opinion, there shouldnt be any perks for donor.


you dont get any specials by buying membership in osrs except full map

Any RSPS gives some sort of benefit to donors.

OSRS and RSPS are completely different and if you haven't realized that, I mean..

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