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Custom Donations


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General Information 

A Custom Donation is separate from a regular donation for donator scrolls or buying tokens directly off the shop. 

The price is $200 dollars for one custom item of your choice and $400 dollars for one custom set of your choice.

You will NOT receive any tokens and your account will not receive the $200 or $400 dollars added to your total donated count.

For information on how the process works since it is a large sum of money being traded, contact us here https://zaros.io/livechat


Popular Customs ($200.00)

6q4LreQ.png Defender Icon lvl 5: Back Slot Screenshot

1ZwhSin.png Attacker Icon lvl 5: Back slot Screenshot

2EDnqij.png Collector Icon lvl 5: Back slot Screenshot

rGJ69iE.png Healer Icon lvl 5: Back slot Screenshot

qwhKilS.pngSled: Weapon slot

qexeakM.png Zanik's crate: Weapon slot Screenshot

CJNiTib.png Fixed Device: Weapon slot Screenshot

rmFmIsJ.pngFox: Weapon slot Screenshot

0IYQdyC.png Rubber Chicken:  Weapon slot Screenshot

atWx7l2.png Basket of eggs: Weapon slot Screenshot

gHp3fz8.png Flippers: Boots slot Screenshot

O3vQ9l4.png Mudskipper Hat: Head Slot Screenshot

XF30FJc.png Bowsword: Weapon slot Screenshot

ma6LTXd.png Grim reaper's Hood: Head slot Screenshot

CRs8Xjn.png Jack lantern mask: Head Slot Screenshot

gPsfcQH.png Monkey On Back: Back Slot Screenshot

lx2wMOS.png48C33jC.png AbXC60O.pngsMZV7Uo.png Scarfs: (jester, bobble, wooly, tri-jester) Amulet slot



Custom Sets ($400.00)

Mgcjxdx.pngv9LcpD2.pngLaV3iha.pngFErhikX.pngAdGtOUE.png Skeleton Set:  Helm, Chest, Legs, Boots, and Gloves slot Screenshot

MIz3Mou.pngwyLF9lR.pngkmqFUyS.pngKPtwYAB.png Chicken Set:  Helm, Chest, Legs and Boots slot Screenshot

mEeFD9j.pngQAgSfQ2.pngtdL2QML.png Naval Set (green, red, black, brown, grey, blue) Head, Chest, and Legs slot

TEzWcIg.pngABsR0RV.pngL84iEJl.pngjfO3FnH.pngYy9s1Jd.png Mime Set: Helm, Chest, Legs, Boots, and Gloves Slot Screenshot

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