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Hey! - Apo


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Hey! Apo here.


I've been playing RSPS's for a while now, began with Deltascape waaaaay back and been alternating between Runescape 2/OSRS and RSPS since then,  been playing Ikov since the first time around under the name of Sumul (Ikov 1) and Doorstodeath (Ikov 2)  and I'm really hyped for the release of Zaros cause I always wanted an active OSRS private server (Fingers crossed don't wanna jinx it :P) and because I just finished my Uni midterms and I have a week break so might as well kick into the break with Zaros.

Seen some awesome people from the community and hope to see a lot more, good luck on your adventure guys!

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Welcome to zaros man! Seems you have some experience, can’t wait to have you in-game! 🙂 



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Have a great day and continue to smile 🙂 And REMEMBER to Vote 🙂

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