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To Request Approval of being added to the Guides list, please contact me via Discord.

All In One Guides


gKUquEu.png Skill's Two-Step Authenticator Guide gKUquEu.png


NPC_Contact.png?99bd7 General Guides NPC_Contact.png?99bd7

Lumbridge_Guide_icon.png?65a76 Setup's Forums Guide Lumbridge_Guide_icon.png?65a76

Protect_Item.png?e0e1a Ben's Account Security Guide Protect_Item.png?e0e1a

Unidentified_rare_fossil.png?ca92d Konar's Fossil Guide Unidentified_rare_fossil.png?ca92d

Pot.png?ff316 Zaros's Shop Locations Guide Pot.png?ff316

 L0cbUhd.pngUIM Exp's Ultimate Ironman Guide L0cbUhd.png

Lumberjack_top.png?bdfeb Diamond's Skilling Outfits Guide Lumberjack_top.png?bdfeb

Hellpuppy.png?9ece7 WU-TANG's Pets Guide Hellpuppy.png?9ece7

Stats_icon.png?1b467 Resting's Game Mode Rates Guide Stats_icon.png?1b467


Quest_point_icon.png?dc356 Quests & Achievements Quest_point_icon.png?dc356

Augment's Complete Quest Guide

Diamond's Recipe For Disaster Guide

Diamond's Achievement's & Benefits Guide


Coins_10000.png?7fa38 Economy Coins_10000.png?7fa38

Coins_100.png?511f4 Panlux's Money Making Guide Coins_100.png?511f4

Coins_100.png?511f4 Slayex's Money Making Guide Coins_100.png?511f4

Coins_100.png?511f4 LEON's Money Making Guide Coins_100.png?511f4


Stats_icon.png?1b467 Skilling Guides Stats_icon.png?1b467

Capes_of_accomplishments_(trimmed).gif?0 Diamond's Skillcape Perks Guide Capes_of_accomplishments_(trimmed).gif?0

Agility_icon.png?389e0 Level 3's Agility Guide Agility_icon.png?389e0

21px-Construction_icon.png?f9bf7 November's Construction Guide 21px-Construction_icon.png?f9bf7

Crafting_icon.png?a1f71 Nicole's Crafting Guide Crafting_icon.png?a1f71

21px-Farming_icon.png?558fa Bear's Farming Guide 21px-Farming_icon.png?558fa

21px-Firemaking_icon.png?45ea0 Level 3's Firemaking Guide 21px-Firemaking_icon.png?45ea0

Pyromancer_hood.png?dd6c5 November's Wintertodt Firemaking Guide Pyromancer_hood.png?dd6c5

21px-Fishing_icon.png?15a98 Ledlogas's Fishing Guide 21px-Fishing_icon.png?15a98

21px-Fletching_icon.png?15cda Diamond's Fletching Guide 21px-Fletching_icon.png?15cda

21px-Herblore_icon.png?ffa9e Most Wanted's Herblore Guide 21px-Herblore_icon.png?ffa9e

20px-Hunter_icon.png?8762f Sen's Hunter Guide 20px-Hunter_icon.png?8762f

Magic_bird_house.png?a10e2 November's Birdhouse Hunter Guide Magic_bird_house.png?a10e2

Magic_icon.png?334cf  Resting's Splashing Magic Guide  Magic_icon.png?334cf

Prospector_helmet.png?5ad7c Diamond's Motherlode Mining Guide Prospector_helmet.png?5ad7c

21px-Prayer_icon.png?ca0dc Diamond's Prayer Guide 21px-Prayer_icon.png?ca0dc

20px-Slayer_icon.png?cd34f Diamond's Slayer Guide 20px-Slayer_icon.png?cd34f

Smithing_icon.png?d26c5 November's Smithing Guide Smithing_icon.png?d26c5

21px-Thieving_icon.png?973fe Diamond's Thieving Guide 21px-Thieving_icon.png?973fe

17px-Woodcutting_icon.png?6ead4 Level 3's Woodcutting Guide 17px-Woodcutting_icon.png?6ead4


Multicombat.png?94b13 Combat GuidesMulticombat.png?94b13

Worn_equipment.png?124cf Isleview's Gearing Guide Worn_equipment.png?124cf

Dragon_token.png?46de9 Vcx's Instance Token Guide Dragon_token.png?46de9

Youngllef.png?3e1e7 WU-TANG's Corrupted Gauntlet Guide Youngllef.png?3e1e7

Slayer_helmet.png?d9b10 Ben's Slayer Monster Locations Guide Slayer_helmet.png?d9b10


Vorkath's_head.png?f483c Bossing Guide Vorkath's_head.png?f483c

Abyssal_head.png?cc1fe THC's Abyssal Sire Guide Abyssal_head.png?cc1fe

Alchemical_hydra_heads.png?db888 LEON's Alchemical Hydra Guide Alchemical_hydra_heads.png?db888

Inquisitor's_great_helm.png?c0457 THC's Nightmare Guide Inquisitor's_great_helm.png?c0457

Vorkath's_head.png?f483c Diamonds Vorkath Guide Vorkath's_head.png?f483c

Toxic_blowpipe_(empty).png?b7a64 THC's Zulrah Guide Toxic_blowpipe_(empty).png?b7a64


Skull_(status)_icon.png?fa6d8 Wilderness Skull_(status)_icon.png?fa6d8

Larran's_key_3.png?057e3 LEON's Larrans Key Guide Larran's_key_3.png?057e3

4TpfIIu.png Setup's Wilderness Keys Guide 4TpfIIu.png

Imbued_god_capes.gif?a6a8b LEON's Mage Arena 2 Guide Imbued_god_capes.gif?a6a8b

Trouver_parchment.png?4ffe0 1 PK In 22's Lost Untradable's Guide Trouver_parchment.png?4ffe0





A Special Thank You to those who have made incredible guides to help our community in Zaros!

@Augment @Bear @Diamond @Isleview @Konar @ledlogas @LEON @Level 3 @Most Wanted @November @Panlux

@Sen @Setup @She @Skills @Slayex @THC @UIM Exp @Resting @Vcx @WU-TANG @1 Pk In 22









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