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So I've been eagerly anticipating Assassin's Creed Valhalla - I was a huge fan of the tv series vikings so I was pretty excited when it was announced. However, Ubisoft are known to be pretty unreliable. So was looking for opinions from those who have the game.

Has anyone played it? What were your thoughts?

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The story was great, and I loved the theme. For me it's the best Assassin's Creed to date, even if occasionally things felt like they needed more explanation in character dialogues. There were quite a few minor bugs, but nothing I came across that was gamebreaking. It's still a banger imo, also the graphics are stunning. 


Edit: To give you an idea of gametime, I did mainly story with a generous handful of side missions, wracking up a total of 80hours

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I’m about 47 hours into it, still haven’t finished the main story. So far it’s awesome. It does have a few bugs, some of which are actually pretty funny. I have had the game crash on me a few random times which has been a bit irritating, but the game is great. I highly recommend it. 


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