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Iron Cc

Iron Cc

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Calling All Irons! Whether you are an Ironman, Hardcore, Elite, Fallen Elite, Ultimate or Group Iron, you are all welcome! On behalf of a few friends, we are reviving the OG 'Iron Cc'! We would love to invite you to join us in creating a community of laughs, fun times, and creating great friendships.




The clan is open to all applicants Ironman or not. Below are the rules.


1. No toxicity. Any racism, flaming, pornography etc. will not be tolerated in game chat or discord.


2. Be yourself! We embrace everyone, slow movers, or grinders alike.


3. That's it! Just have fun!




Rank system:



Recruit (one banana) : 1 Week Loyalty in the CC, being helpful and active.

Corporal (two banana) : 1 Month Loyalty in the CC, being helpful and active.

Sergeant (three banana) : 1 Month+ Loyalty and a community vote, being helpful, active, advertising clan chat.

           Lieutenant (Bronze Star) : Promoted when deemed worthy.

Captain (Silver Star) : Captain is only received after obtaining Lieutenant rank. Promoted when deemed worthy.

General (Golden Star) : Only owners and founders of the clan have this rank. TBA



Thank you for taking the time to read this thread. Below is the discord link. Have a great day!

ALSO: We plan on hosting competitive tournaments/competitions every month!

Join our Discord Server!

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Revive the CC!
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