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"Betz" Gambling Clan Chat



Rank Prices

Recruit (1 Banana) - 200m  /  Max Bet - 200m  /  Max Pot - 400m

Corporal (2 Banana) - 450m  /  Max Bet - 450m  /  Max Pot - 900m

Sergeant (3 Banana) - 750m  /  Max Bet - 750m  /  Max Pot - 1.5b

Lieutenant (Red Star) - 1b  /  Max Bet - 1b /  Max Pot - 2b

Captain (Silver Star) - Earned  /  Max Bet - 2b/  Max Pot - 4b

General (Gold Star) - Owner ("Bible")  /  Max Bet - Unlimited  /  Max Pot - Unlimited

*Ranks will ONLY be distributed and handled by the owner, "Bible", please pm them in game*


Betting Rules

- The better must be in the cc

- The better must check if the host is ranked in the cc

- Better may not go over the max bet of the rank (see above)

- The host must be vidding whenever they are hosting someone

- The host must announce pot in game in the cc chat before it is hosted

- As a better make sure to be looking out for imposters of hosts

- Hosts may only host 55x2 , 80x3, bj, or h/c

-Rainbow is host win on h/c

- In 55x2, 1-54 is host win, 56-100 is better win, 55 is reroll

- In 80x3, 1-79 is host win, 81-100 is better win, 80 is reroll

- In bj, a tie concludes with host win, if confused about rules please ask a host to explain it


Handling Scams

All scams will be dealt with the owner, please pm him in game @"Bible". Please remember to record any and all gambles so we can take care of any scams!


Join our discord for giveaways! https://discord.gg/KxVTYqe

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Good luck with your clan mate, nice to see a gambling clan already coming together, good luck 



Regular Account - Wallis = 2117/2277


Realist Account - Real Wallis = 0/2277


Have a great day and continue to smile 🙂 And REMEMBER to Vote 🙂

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