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wlan internet blocked and died with hcim


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so i just lost my hcim status by blocking my wlan internet ip addres i wasnt ussing any vpns or something i was playing normally until i got dced and this Zaros - New Shell (gyazo.com) showed up was killing shamans and my friends told me per discord i died didnt got dced on discord or any other app just zaros it would be gr8 if i can get my status back for any proofs or question ask me i can everything just sad i got recently maxed and this happend  'raudonas' was my hcim im writing it with my phone internet.

thanks for understanding sorry for my bad english 
New shell, Raudonas

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Hello @Raudonas, The way for refund requests to be looked into would be via Ticket Support here. However in regards to your IP being blocked you will need to contact Spooky via discord for this to be checked over. Please give him time to respond and to look into the matter.


Best of luck!





6pMxCgf.gif Will Always Find me in 'Support' CC 6pMxCgf.gif


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