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Fiction Looking for Wildy Clan


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IGN: Fiction

Age: 23

Experience: Been clanning since Pre-EOC, but only came back to rs about a year - year and 1/2 ago.

I'm a good clanner (listening to calls, tanking, regearing, etc.), i'm learning singles, and i'm pretty active.

Never really been one for rsps's, but the way the wildy is in OSRS its dead.

I'm just looking for some chill guy, looking for a squad to run the wildy with you can either respond, pm, or add me on disc @ Grim Shady#5548

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1 minute ago, Atha said:

Hey dude. Good luck with finding the perfect clan. Like you, I too mainly PK in a team and I’m barely adequate at try-bridding. I’m down to do multi trips for sure! 🙂

Yeah, I either clan or Edge pk normally. Recently got into NHing but im still pretty meh.

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