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Pk vid for Zaros!

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hello everyone, i had some clips so im going to be giving away Dharok Dk Set Bundle worth around 50m on my pk vid! 


To enter check out the description of the video!

The winner will be posted on this thread below!!!


leave some feedback, i have some more clips as well with higher loots if you guys like the vids just comment on youtube with your in game name as well if you liked or not and i will post more untill im out of clips!



have a great day 🙂 



YouTube Random Comment Picker - Giveaway Winner Generator and 1 more page - Personal - Microsoft Edge (gyazo.com)


Hello  @Flashedbro you have won the Dharok set bundle! please reply to this post or shoot me a pm on discord (1 Pk In 22 #3098) or in game! 

*to collect* when we are trading reply to your comment on the Yt video!

If no response to claim in a week a new winner will be picked!

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