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pinguigloo gambling clan


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Welcome to Pinguigloo gambling clan 

Games and rules

ABC Flowers
1:- First flower the host plants is for the better, second is for the host

2:- Game is based on the alphabet, not the colors of the flowers

3:- Flower closest to the letter "A" wins 

4:- Win order ; http://i.imgur.com/sKb72wx.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/y42PLl5.png

5:- When http://i.imgur.com/UwlkdrZ.png or http://i.imgur.com/fM7ua2c.png is planted, you win 3x your bet

6:- Same flower (tie) is host win

7:- Host plants both flowers

1:- Better always goes first

2:- Person closest to 100 wins the game

3:- Tie is host win

Flower Roulette
1:- Choose any flower you like, except http://i.imgur.com/UwlkdrZ.png or http://i.imgur.com/fM7ua2c.png

2:- If the host plants your picked flower, you win 5x your bet

3:- http://i.imgur.com/UwlkdrZ.png and http://i.imgur.com/fM7ua2c.png is instant win for the better

Hot & Cold
1:- Hot flowers  http://i.imgur.com/LQ86CKB.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/VAig752.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/y42PLl5.png

2:- Cold flowers  http://i.imgur.com/sKb72wx.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/u5bP7E7.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/o9BX9gQ.png

3:- Host win  http://i.imgur.com/BBDvdM8.png

4:- Replant  http://i.imgur.com/UwlkdrZ.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/fM7ua2c.png

55x2 and 80x3
1:- 55 and 80 is reroll, other numbers speak for itself

Rank Prices
Recruit_clan_rank.png Recruit 200m -  Max bet 400m  -  Max pot 400m

Corporal_clan_rank.png Corporal  -  400m -  Max bet 800m -  Max pot 1,600m

Sergeant_clan_rank (1).png Sergeant  -  1,600m -  Max bet 3,200m -  Max pot 6.400m

Lieutenant_clan_rank.png Lieutenant  -  3,200m  -  Max bet 8,000 -  Max pot  8000m

Captain_clan_rank.png Captain  -  EARNED  -  Max bet 70000m -  Max pot 140000m

General_clan_rank.png General - EARNED - Unrestricted

To purchase a rank pm pinguigloo in game, you are not allowed to buy from anyone else.

Insurance for gamblers

To make my hosts as safe as possible I made rank prices fairly expensive. If you are gambling with my host

and have caught them scamming, please upload your video and send it to me, I will refund your part of the bet and ban the host.


To be eligible for a refund you must require below:

1 - Upload a video on Streamable or Youtube showing as from trade till the scam.

2 - I will refund your part of the bet, if you were betting above the host's max bet, I will refund the host's max bet and not more.

3 - You are not allowed to submit proof older than a week.

Happy gambling and you are also welcome to join as a casual!

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