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Mr Skomi introduction

Mr Skomi

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About me

Hello, first of all thank you for taking your time to get me known better. I go by a username Mr Skomi and I'm 25 years old. Because of the recent worldwide events, I came back to gaming, mostly playing single-player games and the only multiplayer ones which I play are LoL (League of Legends), Apox Legends on Xbox and of course RSPS back in the days.

I can communicate fluent in three languages; English, Slovenian and Bosnian. At the moment learning German language.

What got me into RSPS's:

As a child I stumble upon RuneScape, game that offered you everything you could dream of doing in a virtual world (of course if you had money to pay for the full features). But because I was from semi-poor family I never unlocked full potential of a game and I was stuck doing basic things, which were still amazing for that time, I think that it was around 2008 era. Time went by and somehow I found a YouTube video of Mopar Scape, RuneScape private server that offered you a lot of RuneScape content, every skill to train to lvl 99 without paying (which was for me the most important thing). The only bad thing was, that as a player you needed a notepad, to write down IP address of the servers you were playing and keep notes, what were you doing on which server. Reason behind that was when the admin went off, you couldn't play on the server anymore and you had to hop on other server if you wanted to continue playing. It was an amazing experience and I wanted more. I had developed an addiction that I needed to satisfy and as a healthy RSPS Junkie I went for the hunt and found my first real private server that worked without the need of writing IP address, and yes - you are correct if you're thinking of it - that private server had a client - a thing that you can download, open and play anytime. It never went down because it was built on server. The name of the RSPS? I have no idea, I only know that the home area was in Port Phasmatys and if anyone remembers the name of RSPS, please let me know.

I played that RSPS for a while, got familiar with concept of RSPS, voting system machenics showed me the list of other RSPS and I played I think almost every single one of them. And as you can see where this is going, it happened, I got bored of it, every single one had same thing, the difference between them was minimalistic. The only servers and I enjoy playing were SoulSplit, GrinderScape, Runex and Ikov, but even those servers weren't interesting for me anymore. I saw that owners were just milking players for cash and I quit playing them. Didn't play any for 2 years and now I found this. Zaros. All I can say that I'm looking forward to play RSPS again. 

Why I didn't play Runescape? Because I didn't have that amount of free time in my hands to grind on RuneScape and the experience of growing in semi-poor family showed me that there's no reason to spend money on things that you don't enjoy fully. 

Want to contact me?

You can always contact me here on forum, in the game (when its released) and on Discord: Mr Skomi#9621. 

I'm looking forward to play today at 9pm (my local time) and see you all in game. Take care, grind a lot and good luck.

Mr Skomi

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