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Forever lit Marble Incense Burner

Maxed dard

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For my suggestion is be able to make house altar marble incense burner last forever. For Iron men we always need to relight the burners when we enter the house. This would just save lighting them all the time.

How to obtain: You would need 40 marble blocks 40 steel bars and 2k Marrentillw. Take them to the construction shop in edge and talk to her and trade them for a marble burner flatpack.

You would just build the burners with the flatpack in your inventory.

Just a little suggestion, this would cost 10m+ just for the marble blocks. The items needed to make them could be increased or you can make these at 99 construction. Would help out people looking for g altars too.

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I actually see some use in this. But how I see it it's just a luxury update. The costs make it more reasonable though.

Would love to see other toughts.

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