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Add Ring of Life (i) to the Slayer Store


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With the rampant number of client dc's many hc/hceim's have been facing lately, I think an imbued version of the Ring of Life will be a beneficial addition to the game. Instead of the usual 10%, the Ring of Life (i) will teleport a player to safety after dropping below 20% life. 

This item should be locked behind a high % of achievements done, or a price of 1000 slayer points. Players should have the option to choose if they want the benefits of a BiS ring, or a ring with 0 stats that can potentially help them survive a disconnection.

Zaros is 2 months old now and we're only seeing 3 maxed hceim's, and less than 5 hcim who have actually decently progressed in gear. The Ring of Life (i) will help the game modes out without making it too easy.

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