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Howdy all,


Found out about this place from some old friends, decided to poke my head in and say hi to everyone. 


I'm Aozaki, I have a love of Ramen, Video Games, Bourbon, and more. Not sure how long or how active I'll be but eh who knows maybe I'll become a frequent poster. 


Till next time,


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4 hours ago, Julia said:

Helloo you @Aozaki

Howdy :p


4 hours ago, Zaros said:

Welcome my friend! If you ever get the chance to try it.. Give Hibiki Whisky a try.. Can't deny it has a price tag but it's worth it if you ever get the chance ?

I've had an eye out for that. Haven't seen it where I am. 


3 hours ago, Vanilla said:

Ramen, Video Games, Bourbon....? My kinda guy! Gl on the grinds ?

Thanks friend, if I grind it will just be skiller skills not combat :p


3 hours ago, 99s said:

@Aozaki Welcome to Zaros! I hope we see you around. 

Thank ya!


2 hours ago, Nicole said:

Welcome ?

Thanks :)


1 hour ago, Nameplate said:

Welcome! I'm fairly new too. Just sayin hi and see ya around! 

Thank ya, you might :o

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